How to Draw Angry Birds

Learn how to draw Angry Birds step by step with this easy drawing tutorial for beginners, kids and adults.


The video game that has risen to the top and surprised many computer game lovers in the 21st century – Angry Birds! Today we will show you how to draw Angry Birds very easy for beginners. This game is the personification of many people’s childhood, as many of us loved to play with slingshots in the style of Bart Simpson. The creators of the game reproduced this exciting activity with slingshots in a video game, which is why so many people liked it.

At some point, these characters gained so much popularity that they began to be filmed. More than five TV series have been made about these characters, films have been made, books have been written.

Also, many people liked how cute and funny the images of the Angry Birds were made. For this reason, we decided to make a drawing lesson with step by step instructions on how to draw these cute birds.

To teach you how to draw quickly and clearly, we have divided the drawing into nine drawing steps and one coloring step. Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Angry Birds

  1. Draw a circle and a tail.

    The first step is to draw a projection of where and how your Angry Bird drawing will look. To do this, you need to illustrate a circle and a small tail on the right side of you.angry-birds artwork

  2. Draw bangs.

    This step is very simple. You just need to draw two cartoon bird feathers that will look like bangs on the head. What animals do you like to draw more? We suggest you try to draw a cute pink bunny.angry-birds-drawing-art

  3. Draw frowning eyebrows.

    Pencilling the angry frowning eyebrows of the bird, which is its main distinguishing feature. It’s the Angry Bird! Eyebrows are drawn with straight lines that are symmetrical to each other. After the eyebrows, draw the top of the beak. The beak is easy to draw, it looks like just a sharp tip.angry-birds-draw-pencil

  4. Draw semicircles for the eyes.

    Now draw the places for the eyes. They are drawn in this step just like two semicircles under the frowning eyebrows. Draw these semicircles with thin

  5. Draw the pupils.

    Moving on to detailing the eyes and face. You need to follow the example in the picture of the drawing lesson and draw two circles in the places where you made the semicircles of the eyes. Have you painted? We are in no hurry. If so, now draw the continuation of the bird’s beak. Draw the bottom one often under the top one, which was drawn in the third

  6. Draw the first arm.

    Let’s start pencilling the hand of our angry bird. Our drawing is made in the image of a boxing bird, so you need to draw a hand that is clenched into a fist and ready to fight.angry-birds-tutorial-for-kids-and-beginners

  7. Draw the belly.

    In this step, draw a circle that forms the belly area of the bird. This is a round line in the middle of the bird’s body. You can add additional details on the belly. For example, shadows, small feathers, or other types of detail. Also, if you want to better draw animals and the details of their depiction, then for the sake of example you can draw a pig or a

  8. Draw a second fist.

    Go to the step of illustrate the second hand clenched into a fist. In this step, you need to detail the hand, since from this angle you can see the fingers clenched into a fist on the right hand. Repeat step number eight shown in light

  9. Draw the bird’s legs.

    illustrate two small legs of the bird. They are like two branches from his body. This is a simple step that you can easily repeat behind the picture of step number

  10. Color your Angry Bird.

    Let’s start coloring the red Angry Bird. You want scarlet, carrot color and orange. Paint the legs and beak of the Bird with orange, and the belly with carrot color. The scarlet color is needed for the rest of the bird’s body. Oh yeah, don’t forget to paint your eyebrows and eyes black! Thank you for being with us, see other easy drawing tutorials and be happy!angry-birds-drawing-tutorial-for-beginners

To develop your drawing skill, you need to practice drawing more. Just draw something constantly so that your hand and skills learn to draw clear lines, circles, and so on. So you get rid of the use of rulers, compasses and other auxiliary items for drawing. Try to draw objects around you in your home, for example, your laptop, a window, a tree in front of a window, a neighbor’s dog, and even your socks. Just illustrate objects all the time!

Try to learn in step-by-step tutorials dedicated to the anime dog, or a realistic crocodile. If you need to learn on very simple tutorials, then you can try your skills in drawing a cat in a very easy style for preschoolers. Try it, practice your abilities on our tutorials. Don’t forget to share your results and this lesson with your friends. Thank you for being with us! This is important to us!

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