How to Draw a Crocodile

Learn how to draw a crocodile step by step with this easy drawing tutorial for kids and beginners.

how to draw a crocodile
how to draw a crocodile easy

Do you want to learn how to draw a crocodile quickly and easily? You went to a site that will try to teach you how to draw a crocodile easily step by step.

Crocodiles are extremely dangerous predators for humans, but people should love all animals and treat them with respect. We have prepared for you a simple drawing lesson of this cute predatory animal. This lesson is suitable for everyone who wants to draw and learn to draw, for example, for children, adults and beginners!

You can also try drawing other animals. Try it and share the results with your friends, maybe they will also be interested in the drawing!

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to Draw a Crocodile

  1. Draw a circle.

    Using any round tool you can draw a circle. Also, you can use a compass, but we advise you to draw a circle yourself, it will be useful in further learning to draw.drawing crocodile

  2. Draw a crocodile’s face.

    First draw a line for the upper part of the crocodile’s head, and then draw the lower part. Connect all this with a common line in the middle, which will eventually become the mouth of a crocodile.draw a crocodile face

  3. Draw the crocodile’s teeth and details.

    We proceed to the third and very important step in drawing a crocodile. Its important attribute is teeth. You can randomly add a certain number of teeth, but do not overdo it with their number. After that draw the crocodile’s nostril and its almond-shaped eye. Also, do not forget to draw the mouth exactly as shown in the example picture.simple crocodile drawing

  4. Draw the torso and tail.

    New step – new skills! So, now we proceed to the contours of the body and tail of our cute crocodile. Draw with lines the upper part, which you need to draw in the end in a bent tail. Start drawing the lower part from the sharp part of the tail and finish this line in the area of the head circle. See an example of a step in the illustration.crocodile drawing realistic

  5. Draw the legs of the crocodile.

    To draw the legs of a crocodile, first determine where they should be and mark them with dots. From these points, start sketching exactly as we showed in light blue in this to draw a crocodile for kids

  6. Draw back details.

    Now we start detailing the realism of the crocodile drawing. What we will draw is a crocodile’s shell. These are plates that protect the back of this animal. Did you know this fact? This is a simple step that will not be difficult for you to repeat from this step.crocodile drawing and coloring

  7. Draw details and carapace.

    First, erase the circle that was drawn to draw the head. Now we finish drawing the plates, which are the protection of the crocodile’s back and tail. The next step is the stripes on the lower body. And add the details that are shown on the crocodile’s face.crocodile drawing images

  8. Compare and check the drawing.

    Did you draw everything? Erase any extra pencil strokes, lines, and so on. Let’s start coloring the to draw a crocodile for beginners

  9. Start to paint.

    For the crocodile coloring, use the green color of any options you want. You can use yellow for coloring the lower body. If you manage to draw a crocodile, then you are taking big steps! You are well done!crocodile drawing colour

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