How to Draw a Bear

Learn how to draw a bear step by step with this very easy drawing tutorial for kids and all beginners.

How to draw a bear
How to draw a bear tutorial

The bear is a beautiful and powerful animal, symbolizing strength, fortitude, and wisdom. He has a massive body, thick fur, and sharp claws that make him an amazing creature in the wild. Learn how to draw a bear with us!

However, in addition to their strength and power, bears are also known for their unique beauty and elegance. Their fur has a variety of shades of brown or black, which shines in the sun, creating a beautiful view for observation.

Bears are very intelligent animals, able to adapt to different conditions and survive in any climatic zone. Their social sensitivity makes these predators even more beautiful creatures in the wild.

Drawing a bear is not only a fun and creative project, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of beauty and picturesque nature. We hope that our site will provide you with useful tips and instructions to help you draw a beautiful bear and create a unique art project.

Let your bear become not only a vivid picture, but also a symbol of strength, beauty, and wisdom in your life. Let’s start and learn how to draw a bear together!

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw a Bear

  1. Draw outlines.

    First, draw a circle to indicate where the drawn bear’s head will be. The second is to draw an oval for the body. Follow the example from the step to do it in the same detail as to draw a bear easy

  2. Draw the bear’s snout.

    Draw an elongated muzzle of the bear using curved lines, on top and on the nose, and draw fur on the bottom.
    bear drawing lesson

  3. Draw ears and head outlines.

    So, draw first the far ear, which can be drawn directly above the circle. After that, we draw an ear that is closer to us. Keep in mind that visually it should be larger, as it is closer to us. After that, draw a black nose and an almond-shaped bear eye.draw bear head

  4. Draw the front legs.

    Depict the bear’s front legs using the furry lines as in the example.
    bear legs drawing tutorials

  5. Draw the hind legs.

    Create the bear’s hind legs using exactly the same technique. First, which is visually closer and larger, then the one that is visually further away. Don’t forget to draw the furry legs of the bear.bear drawing easy

  6. Add details and erase the guidelines.

    Erase the guide lines from your drawing, and then draw the details of the bear. Add claws on the front legs, as well as lines on the head and throat.
    draw bear paws

  7. Draw the tail and hind claws.

    Erase the rest of the guide lines and draw the bear’s furry tail. Also in this step is shown drawing sharp claws on the hind legs.
    bear draw for beginners

  8. Trace the sketch outlines.

    Using a marker or fountain pen, trace the outlines of the pencil sketch of the bear.
    simple bear drawing tutorial

  9. Color the drawing.

    The bear drawing is ready, and now you can start coloring the bear using shades of brown.
    Coloring a Bear drawing

Your realistic bear is ready! Share your drawing on your social networks and with your friends. Also see other guides for drawing animals and other characters.

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