How to Draw a Bear

Learn how to draw a bear step by step with this very easy drawing tutorial for kids and all beginners.

How to draw a bear
How to draw a bear tutorial

The Internet is full of lessons for drawing bears tutorials, but many of them are extremely complex, or drawings of bears are only in a cartoon style.

As you already learned from the pig drawing lesson, the skill of drawing animals is very important for beginners and kids.

We present a step-by-step and very informative easy drawing lesson of a bear. Such a step-by-step drawing lesson will be convenient for anyone!

Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to Draw a Bear

  1. Draw outlines.

    First, draw a circle to indicate where the head of the drawn bear will be. To do this, you can use a compass for geometry, or just something round to draw this circle around it. The second step is to draw an oval for the body. Repeat as shown in to draw a bear easy

  2. Draw a bear’s snout.

    Let’s move on to drawing the bear’s snout. We make the upper and lower parts in even stripes, which we then divide into the line of the mouth. Consider and draw lines just like in step number two. We marked each new step in light blue.bear drawing lesson

  3. Draw ears and head outlines.

    So, draw first the far ear, which can be drawn directly above the circle. After that we draw an ear that is closer to us. Keep in mind that visually it should be larger, as it is closer to us. After that draw a black nose and an almond-shaped bear eye.draw bear head

  4. Draw the front legs.

    The paws of bears are large and shaggy. We go straight down with a line, after which we draw the paw itself. Draw the back of the paw with a furry one as in the picture. After that we draw the second far paw of the bear. It should visually appear smaller.bear legs drawing tutorials

  5. Draw the hind legs and paws.

    Draw the bear’s hind legs using exactly the same technique. First, which is visually closer and larger, then the one that is visually further away. Don’t forget to draw the furry legs of the bear. The step is shown in light blue.bear drawing easy

  6. Add details and erase the excess.

    Erase the circle first, then add the same details that are shown in blue in the figure. Then we draw the sharp claws of the bear on both paws.draw bear paws

  7. Draw the tail and hind claws.

    First, erase the extra strips remaining from the oval. After that, draw the tail in the place where it is shown in our illustration. In the same sequence, draw sharp claws on the bear’s hind legs. We also erase the remaining extra lines.bear draw for beginners

  8. Erase the extra lines before painting.

    Erase unnecessary lines, remove the smeared parts of the drawing if any. Compare with what is shown in the illustration in step number eight. Is everything similar? So let’s start painting.simple bear drawing tutorial

  9. Color the resulting drawing.

    Take the color you like best. Usually, brown bears are drawn. You can also give more realism to the drawing and add more details of the bear’s fur, or some shadows, but for simplicity of drawing, we recommend doing it as shown in the lesson. Share with your friends your resulting drawing and this drawing lesson!
    Coloring a Bear drawing

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