How to Draw a Pig

Learn how to draw a pig step by step with this very easy drawing tutorial for kids and beginners. Draw funny animals and many other interesting things on our website.

You have found the perfect place to learn how to draw a pig! With the help of our drawing lesson, you will be able to create a beautiful picture of a pig using easy drawing techniques.

We’ll start by creating the basic shape of the pig’s body and head, then add details like the ears, nose, and tail. We will also show you how to use different shades of pencils or paints to create a 3D effect and give the pig a realistic look.

Pigs are domestic animals that have characteristic features: a round body, short legs and an elongated nose. They are known for their sociality and intelligence, as well as the ability to quickly adapt to new places and conditions. In the wild, pigs live in a variety of climates, from the tropics to snowy forests, and have a varied diet including plants, fruits, roots, and insects.

In addition, pigs are also popular characters in literature and culture, including children’s books and cartoons.

By following our detailed instructions, you will be able to draw a pig with ease and enjoy the process of drawing.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Pig

  1. Draw the guidelines for the head and torso.

    Start your drawing with the basic shapes of your pig’s head and body. You just need to draw a circle for the head and an elongated oval shape for the torso.
    how to draw a pig lesson

  2. Draw the pig snout.

    Depict the elongated snout of the pig starting from the top curved line, then draw the front of the nose and complete it at the bottom by connecting it to the head.pig drawing step by step

  3. Draw ears.

    Following the example from this step, create big pig ears. To draw ears, you need to use wavy and curved lines.
    drawing pig tutorial

  4. Draw the front legs of the pig.

    Sketch the hoofed front legs of the pig just below the head and torso guidelines.realictic pig draw lesson

  5. Draw the hind legs.

    In the same way, we draw the hind legs, but we do it at the very end of the oval-shaped body of the pig. Do not forget that the near leg should be visually larger than the far one. Also depict the lines of the hooves.draw tutorial of the pig

  6. Draw the pig’s tail.

    This step shows how to draw a curly tail.
    how to draw pig easy

  7. Trace the outlines.

    Before coloring your drawing, you can outline your pencil sketch using a marker or ink.
    Simple pig drawing

  8. Color your pig drawing.

    Color your pig drawing using crayons, colored pencils or paint.
    how to draw a pig pink

If you want to continue your creativity and create more beautiful drawn projects, our site provides many useful guides and tips on the theme of drawing.

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