How to Draw a Pig

Learn how to draw a pig step by step with this very easy drawing tutorial for kids and beginners.

There are many tutorials on the internet that show you how to draw a realistic pig, but most of these drawing lessons are very difficult for kids or beginners.

Drawing animals is a very important skill for any artist and it is very important to get very simple guides on how to draw animals. In this drawing lesson, a pig.

Here in steps we will provide you with a very simple pig drawing lesson that will be simple even for the newest artist or child.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Pig

  1. Add guidelines for the head and torso.

    Using some kind of circular product, or a pair of compasses, first draw a circle outline for the head. Immediately after that, mark with two lines where the body of the pig will be. Just above and below. Or draw this oval in one to draw a pig lesson

  2. Draw a pig snout.

    Draw a pig’s snout from the circle made in advance using straight lines. This step is marked in light blue.pig drawing step by step

  3. Draw ears.

    Now draw the ears from the round marked part of the head. Look at the illustration and repeat exactly over it. Immediately after the drawn ear, draw the pig’s eye. For simplicity of drawing, just draw a black almond-shaped eye.drawing pig tutorial

  4. Draw the front legs of the pig.

    Carefully, from the middle of the circle, begin to draw the very front leg. The size of the frontmost leg should be slightly larger visually due to the fact that it is closer to us than the farthest. After drawing the silhouette of the legs, draw lines for the hooves of the pig. This entire step is shown in light blue in the illustration. realictic pig draw lesson

  5. Draw the hind legs.

    In the same way we draw the hind legs, but we do it at the very end of the oval-shaped body of the pig. Do not forget that the near leg should be visually larger than the back one. Draw the lines of the hooves.draw tutorial of the pig

  6. Draw a pig’s tail.

    Probably the easiest thing in this tutorial is the pig’s tail. It’s just a spiral with a fluffy or sharp end. You can direct the tail down or up at to draw pig easy

  7. Erase the excess before painting.

    Erase the extra lines that remain. It is the circle that separates the head and torso. Also, the lines that separate the legs and torso of the pig. You can see an example in the picture. This is the step before starting to paint the pig. Simple pig drawing

  8. Paint pig drawing.

    Take a pink marker, paint or pencils, and start painting the pig pink. Following the example of our picture, you can make some details a little darker. This will give the drawing realism and detail. Also, make the hooves darker than the pig’s skin. You can repeat everything, but using different colors or painting methods. Repeat, teach and you will learn to draw!how to draw a pig pink

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