How to Draw an Anime Dog

Learn how to draw an anime dog in easy step-by-step drawing lesson. A drawing tutorial for beginners, kids and even adults will show you how to quickly and easily learn how to do it from pictures in steps.


We are glad to see you, dear friend, you are in a drawing lesson who will try to teach you how to draw an anime dog very easily. Dogs are one of the closest friends for people since ancient times, they have always been the very first helpers in any business. This concerns the protection of the house, the protection of the vegetable garden and the orchard. Dogs are so closely associated with humans that often dogs become members of our families for us, and not just helpers or guards.

If you want to try to draw a dog in a more realistic style, then try it in other drawing lessons in the category about animals. Also, you will meet not only dogs, but many other animals as well. Do you have a dog?

In order to draw this cute little doggy, you will need drawing tools such as pencils, drawing pens, paints, colored pencils, or felt-tip pens. Also, you can draw your illustrations not only on paper, but also on your device, for example, on a tablet.

The entire doggy drawing lesson is divided into ten steps, nine of these ten steps are an outline drawing, and the tenth step is already painted. Enjoy the drawing process, friends!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw an Anime Dog

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    The first step shows what you need to draw to get started in drawing an anime doggy. Repeat the same on your sheet of paper. This step will allow you to design your drawing quickly and easily.anime-animals-drawing-tutorial

  2. Draw in the dog’s face and ears.

    We proceed to the next stage, in which you need to draw a large dog’s ear, which is even longer than its head. Then draw a muzzle inside the already depicted constructor exactly as shown in step number two. Don’t forget to draw the second ear.anime-dog-drawing-guide

  3. Draw the eyes and the rest.

    In this step, we showed how to draw and where to draw the eyes, nose and line of the dog’s mouth on his face. Repeat these steps as shown in the picture in blue. Try to keep eye level symmetry to make the drawing look more

  4. Draw the details of the eyes and tongue.

    Look at the picture in step. What we showed in the drawing of the eyes is not the pupils, but the areas that will eventually remain white and will shine in the eyes of the anime dog. After that, draw the tongue that protrudes from the mouth of the little doggie.cute-anime-dog-drawing

  5. Draw the outline of the dog’s body.

    In this step, you need to draw the construction of the dog’s body, from which in the next steps you will draw the front and hind legs, as well as the dog’s tail.anime-dog-step-by-step

  6. Draw the dog’s tail.

    Draw the dog’s tail, this is an easy step. They are just precise, straight lines. The doggie is friendly, so its tail will look up. If it was an animation, the dog’s tail would move sideways with joy. Love your dog and his tail will wag from side to side

  7. Draw the dog’s paws.

    In this step, you need to draw both of the dog’s front legs. These are also straight and clear lines that you are able to draw without much difficulty in the process. After that, erase the extra lines with an eraser.learning-step-by-step-anime-dog

  8. Draw the folds on the body.

    This step is for detailing the drawings. Draw these four lines, which are shown in the picture in blue. If you want to add more folds and detail, you can do that as you

  9. Draw the hind legs.

    This is a simple step in which you need to simply and quickly draw the semicircles shown in the example. These are the hind legs of a cute little doggie. Remember to separate your dog’s toes in straight lines.drawing-art-anime-dog-easy

  10. Color your drawing of a cute anime dog.

    To color the picture, you need to use crayons, felt-tip pens, or paints. Don’t forget to paint the eyes black and leave white dots where the dog’s eyes

If you really want to learn to draw quickly, then this requires constantly drawing. You should practice your skills at least three or four times a week. Carry a notebook and pencil with you, try to draw everything that you see around you. Mom made pancakes for breakfast? So draw them. You have cabinets in your kitchen and you can try to draw them too. By the way, we have a lesson in drawing a kitchen cabinet. In between school lessons, also practice your drawing skills by drawing everything that you meet around you.

We hope that our advice will be of great help to you. It is really important for us that the younger generations around the world and in all countries develop their imagination and ability to beautifully portray their thoughts on paper. Thank you for being with the howtodraweasy team!

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