How to Draw a Christmas Stocking

Here you will learn how to draw a Christmas stocking step by step and very easy! Our drawing lesson will help all beginners and kids quickly draw a cute stocking.


There are many drawing lessons on the net that try to teach people how to draw a Christmas stocking, but most of these lessons are very heavily loaded with unnecessary information. Therefore, we have created for you this very easy drawing lesson that will help you draw a beautiful stocking ahead of Christmas!

As you can see, this exemplum is very simple and classic. We very much hope that this lesson will help you prepare beautiful postcards that you will draw with your own hands for your family members! There is nothing better than gifts that you have made with your own hands! Therefore, we suggest that you create posters that you draw from our Christmassy drawing lessons. You can draw Santa Claus, his little bag and a pretty Christmas tree.

Art supplies:

  • Pencil;
  • Black marker;
  • Red marker or felt-tip pens;
  • Drawing paper.

And an unlimited desire to create!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Christmas Stocking

  1. Depict the first lines.

    Take your favorite pencil and start draft lines on the paper that you can repeat from step one. You must illustrate the line and shape of the stocking. drawing-stocking-pattern

  2. Draw the top part.

    Depict wavy four lines on all sides. You should have a fluffy top for the Christmassy depiction. If you did, then go to the next

  3. Draw a loop of stocking.

    Draw a small loop of the stocking with which it is hung on the fireplaces. You can depict this by making two folded lines. As a result, you will be able to depict two lines that visually form a loop.draw-a-stocking-for-christmas

  4. The pencil drawing is ready.

    Compare your result with what we show in this step. This is the final pencil picture of the Christmassy

  5. Trace the drawing with a black marker.

    To make the painting brighter and more pronounced, use a black marker and trace the

  6. Color the cute Christmas stockings socks.

    If you are already at this step, then your painting is ready. You just have to color your result. Use red and color in the main part of the painting. You can paint the upper fluffy part in a very light blue or beige color, but you can not paint it at all and leave it

Christmas socks (stockings, or boots) are historically an attribute of stories about Santa Claus, who goes down the chimney and puts a gift in a sock (stocking), which is hung over the fireplace, while ringing bells.

Socks for Christmas gifts were first used in America and Western Europe. As you know, in the fairy tales of these countries, it is believed that Santa Claus enters the houses of obedient children through the chimney. However, why did he start using socks and hosiery as gift wrapping? It turns out there is an interesting explanation for this.

One of the legends says that a widower once lived in a small English town, whose only wealth were his three daughters. The man was worried that due to poverty, he would not be able to provide his daughters with worthy dowries, and no one would marry them. On Xmas Eve, the widower shared his sorrows with a friend. By a happy coincidence, the man’s complaint was heard by Santa Claus himself, who decided to help the disadvantaged family. Santa Claus understood that the widower’s pride and modesty would not allow him to take money from him, so he decided to present the man’s daughters with gold coins as a Christmas present.

In Europe and the United States, on Xmas eve, parents decorate the fireplace with decorative socks, stockings and boots, and in the morning children find gifts in them. It seems that this tradition was only invented as another fun way to present long-awaited toys and sweets. But, in fact, the custom of hiding gifts in Christmas socks has a long story.

This is one of the very easy lessons that will help you understand what things look like. If you really want to learn how to depict different objects, then you need to constantly practice your skills and illustrate whatever you want.

If you need more complex and realistic pictures, then try to depict a crocodile on paper, or Natsu from the anime.

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