How to Draw Santa’s Bag

Learn how to draw a Santa’s bag with this step by step drawing tutorial from! The lesson is divided into five steps in which you will learn how to draw Santa’s bag easily and quickly. There will also be additional steps in which you can understand if you drew everything correctly. Enjoy your drawing!


We tried to make for you a perspicuous and easy instruction on how to draw a Santa’s bag. We really hope that this tutorial will help you draw a sack of Santa Claus better than all your classmates! If you learn to draw it very well, then teach your friends how to draw as well by sharing this drawing lesson with them.

Santa Claus has several attributes of his image, without which we cannot imagine this fabulous good character. First of all, it is his red suit and hat, his big white beard, Santa’s sleigh and of course the bag in which he brings you all gifts!

Art supplies:

  • Pencil;
  • Black marker;
  • Colored markers or felt-tip pens;
  • Drawing paper;

And an unlimited desire to create!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Santa’s Bag

  1. Draw the construction of the sack.

    First you need to start with the design of the bag pattern. This design consists of three parts, two parallel lines at the sides and one at the bottom. Please note that these are not straight lines, but like the bag. Follow the example from the picture!how-to-draw-santa's-sack-step-by-step

  2. Draw the fluffy top.

    Our bag looks very nice, because it will have a fluffy white part. Here you will need to draw it now. Don’t forget to draw the two strings with which Santa closes his's- bag sack

  3. Draw gifts.

    As you can see in the example, Santa’s bag is completely filled with Christmas presents. You need to depict on your paper the same number of gift boxes that are in the bag.How to Draw Santa's Bag for kids

  4. Draw ribbons on the gifts.

    Now draw the ribbons used to wrap Christmas presents. This is a mandatory attribute of any gifts! A beautifully selected box and ribbon are no less important than the gift itself, because every gift is made from the heart and soul to family and friends!how-to-draw-santa-sack

  5. Trace your pencil sketch.

    If you are already at this stage, then most likely you have already made a pencil drawing. If you are drawing on paper, then take a black marker and trace the drawing along the outline with a's bag toy

  6. Color your cute drawing of Santa Claus sack.

    All you have to do is color in the drawing with colored pencils, colored markers, or felt-tip pens to complete your artwork. We do not insist that you paint with pencils, you can paint with classic's-gift-bag

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