How to Draw Natsu

Here you will learn how to draw Natsu Dragneel! We will explain in detail, step by step, and quickly and show how you can draw an Anime character from Fairy Tail for beginners and kids. This lesson is suitable for everyone who loves anime and wants to draw their favorite character!

how to draw natsu dragneel
how to draw natsu for beginners

We are glad to see you next to us for the creative process! We will show you how to draw Natsu from Fairy Tail.

As you already know, Natsu Dragneel is a dragon-slaying wizard whose main power is the control of fire and various materials. But this is not the end of his superpowers, because Natsu has other very useful skills. But do not forget that, like all creatures, Dragneel has weaknesses. His weaknesses are familiar to people with seasickness, because Natsu is also afraid of the sea and it is difficult for him to be near the water.

Natsu’s style is familiar enough to everyone, it is his typical scarf, pink hair, and a cloak! Did you know that he has a scar that is hidden under his large scarf? Natsu has a very interesting character, he is the most active and hot-tempered member of the guild, but at the same time, he does not stop being friends with everyone and constantly helps everyone. Natsu has a difficult fate, because he, like others, does not know where his real parents are. He was raised from childhood by the fire dragon Igneel, who taught him all his skills and helped him not to get lost in this complex world.

To draw, you need the most common artist’s tools, these are pencils, colored pencils, paints, or felt-tip pens, and an eraser. You can also draw the character on a device such as a tablet or a computer. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw Natsu

  1. Draw Natsu Dragneel’s hair.

    The first step is to draw Natsu’s spiky hair, which sticks out in different directions like thorns. Do this with straight pencil lines.natsu anime drawing fairy tale

  2. Draw the oval for the face and chin.

    So, now, starting from one side, draw a straight line with a pencil to the center. Happened? Now continue the same line, keeping the chin sharp. The end of the line is from the seven-dimensional side that is parallel to the beginning of the step.natsu fairy tale sketch

  3. Draw the neck.

    Draw Natsu’s neck with three straight lines. After the neck, draw Natsu’s ears with rounded lines. Note that Natsu’s ears should be under his lush hair and should be barely visible.fairy tale drawing tutorial

  4. Draw the smile.

    Draw the bottom and top of the teeth by repeating step four. You can first draw two horizontal lines and then draw Natsu’s teeth between them. After the teeth, draw the sharp, ragged collars of his cloak.natsu lesson fairy tale

  5. Draw the closed eyes lines.

    Since our Natsu smiles maliciously, you need to draw his closed eyes, which can be done using a thick line. But the second option is to depict the eyes exactly as shown in the to draw anime fairy tale

  6. Draw the Natsu scarf.

    Now draw Natsu’s scarf that will be wrapped around his neck. You can draw a scarf with wavy lines. Repeat the example from the picture. After that, draw a shadow design that will fall from the nose to the face.anime drawing tutorial for kids

  7. Color your smiling Natsu!

    Using paints, colored pencils, or felt-tip pens, color in the drawing you get. Don’t forget to add orange collar details. You can also add shadows following the example of the picture from the to draw natsu anime

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