How to Draw Santa Claus

If you want to learn how to draw Santa Claus, you can read this tutorial. This tutorial on how to draw Santa Claus will be quite simple. We tried to draw a cute, but not too unrealistic Santa Claus for beginners and kids.


We hope you enjoy this guide in six easy steps. Just follow this simple sequence of steps and you will learn how to draw Santa Claus easy and fun.

There are many tutorials on the Internet that show how to draw characters correctly, but many of them are very incomprehensible and difficult for beginners. We tried to solve this problem and help you study the best drawing lesson dedicated to the fabulous Santa Claus.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Santa Claus

  1. Draw a line for the beard and nose.

    First, depict a round nose by repeating it from the picture in step. After illustrate the nose, you need to depict two upward lines on both sides of the nose. Draw the lines? Now repeat the rest of the lines of the beard construction.step_by_step_santa_claus

  2. Draw the beginning of the cap and torso.

    Above the beard lines shown, you just need to draw the bottom of the Santa hat. After that, draw a rounded torso line.santa_claus_easy_drawing

  3. Draw the arms, legs and hat.

    Proceed to the next step, in which you need to depict the continuation of Santa’s long hat. After you have depicted a hat, start drawing the arms on the sides of the body. And end the step by depict Santa’s legs.simple_drawing_santa

  4. Draw Santa’s face.

    Start this step by illustrate Santa’s little eyes. Draw eyebrows above the eyes, and draw two semicircles under the eyes. These semicircles will be the pattern of Santa’s rosy cheeks. Finish this step by drawing Santa’s mittens, belt and shoes following the example from step.how_to_draw_santa_claus_for_beginners

  5. Compare the result and the picture step.

    Compare the picture you drew with the one we showed in the fifth step. If everything worked out great for you, then continue.simple_santa_claus_drawing_for_kids

  6. Paint over the pencil lines.

    If you drew a drawing with a pencil, then using a marker make all the lines black. This will give your drawing a more beautiful look.draw_santa_for_beginners

  7. Coloring your Santa Claus.

    Start coloring Santa! Following the example, paint Santa in classic and familiar colors.how_to_draw_santa_claus

If you want to download a PDF coloring page, a tracing page and a guide to drawing this Santa Claus, then scroll down and print it for free!

Free Drawing guide in PDF:

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