How to Draw Chibi Wonder Woman Face

In our drawing lesson for beginners, you will learn how to draw a Chibi Wonder Woman face easily and step by step.

How to Draw Wonder Woman Easy
How to Draw Chibi Wonder Woman Face Step by Step

In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw Chibi Wonder Woman face really easily! Wonder Woman is one of the most popular characters in DC’s universe, alongside Superman and Batman. You can find such DC characters as Superman, Batman, Flash (elementary), and so on our website! And also not only DC characters but also Marvel or Anime-Manga characters, for example, Naruto. We have drawing instructions of varying difficulty, and you can choose the step-by-step tutorials that suit you according to the level of difficulty.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw Chibi Wonder Woman Face

  1. Draw the outline of the face.

    First, you need to draw the chibi character’s face shape.Wonder Woman Face Sketching

  2. Hair shape.

    Draw the shape of Wonder Woman’s hair.How to Draw Cute Superhero

  3. Draw the crown.

    Sketch out the guidelines for Wonder Woman’s face, and after that using curved lines draw a crown on her head.Wonder Woman Toy Drawing

  4. Outline the eyes.

    Sketch the outlines of the eyes in a chibi style.How to Draw Wonder Woman Face Chibi

  5. Draw the eyelashes.

    Draw lashes using wide lines.Chibi Eyes Drawing Wonder Woman

  6. Draw the pupils.

    Now draw Wonder Woman’s cartoon eyes. First, you can draw the outline, and then the inner part of the pupil.Easy Drawing Chibi Wonder Woman

  7. Draw lips and nose.

    Draw Wonder Woman’s lips as well as a small chibi nose using one curved line.Wonder Woman Drawing Cute

  8. Draw the ears.

    Now draw Wonder Woman’s ears.Chibi Drawing DC Wonder Woman

  9. Draw the neck and the line of the arms.

    If you only want to draw the face, then you can simply color the drawing at this stage of the sketching process. But if you want to repeat what we showed in the lesson, then draw the neck and the lines of the arms.Chibi Drawing Wonder Woman

  10. Add the suit.

    Draw several curved lines that form the top of Wonder Woman’s suit.Cute Wonder Woman Drawing Tutorial

  11. Draw the eyebrows.

    Draw Wonder Woman’s eyebrows using the example from step.Chibi Wonder Woman SKetch

  12. Draw the star and garment pattern.

    Draw a five-pointed star in the center of Wonder Woman’s crown, and also draw a pattern on the top of Wonder Woman’s garment.Chibi Wonder Woman Drawing Tutorial

  13. Trace the sketch.

    Trace the contours of the drawing with a marker, ink, or a thin brush with black paint.How to Draw Cute Wonder Woman

  14. Color

    Color your Wonder Woman drawing.How to Draw Chibi Wonder Woman

Congratulations on successfully completing the lesson on drawing Chibi Wonder Woman! You have just learned how to create a beautiful drawing of one of the most popular characters in the world of comics and cinema.

We hope that this lesson helped you develop your drawing potential and learn new drawing techniques and techniques. Thank you for using our tutorial and we wish you continued success in your artistic development!

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