How to Draw Flash for Kids

In this drawing tutorial for kids, you will learn how to draw Flash from DC Comics! Start drawing comic book characters with our guides!

How to Draw the Flash for Kids
How to Draw Flash for Kids Step by Step

Today, we will learn how to draw the fastest superhero—Flash! Let’s take a look at how to draw Flash for kids. The drawing will be very interesting because the hero is in motion. Flash could be drawn in a static position, but the character looks much more dynamic in motion! After all, speed is the main quality and superpower of Flash. Young artists learn to draw an object that is in motion. Most of the talented animation artists started out with just such sketches.

Flash is a very powering character, as he has incredible speed. This speed is capable of breaking the laws of physics, which helps the hero move at the speed of light. And sometimes he is even able to travel in time using his ultra-high-speed, which literally breaks all concepts of science! The Flash is a superhero in the DC Universe, which has many incarnations of the character.

Good luck, super artists!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Flash for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the superhero’s head.

    For convenience and evenness, you can use a compass or circle a small coin. But we advise you to try to draw freehand to improve your skills!Flash Easy Drawing Tutorial

  2. Draw the torso.

    The body should be slightly smaller than the head visually and oblong, and not round.Draw Easy Flash

  3. Draw the hands of Flash.

    Flash’s arms are in motion, so you need to try to draw the arms in such a way as to repeat the movement of the character in the run.Flash how to sketch

  4. Draw the legs.

    Now draw the running legs of the character.How to Sketching Flash

  5. Add details to the outline of the Flash drawing.

    Draw the mask, belt, and boots. And also draw round fists.How to Draw Flash for beginners

  6. Add the facial features.

    Draw the fingers, nose, ears, and eyes of the superhero. Pay attention to the fact that Flash’s eyes are in the cut of his mask.How to Draw Kid Flash

  7. Draw the Flash logo

    The speed superhero logo is designed in the form of a lightning bolt, which perfectly conveys his superpower. Also, watch out for the lightning on the mask.How to Draw the Flash

  8. Color your Flash drawing.

    We use several colors that you see in the example. You can use your own coloring, but our version is classic. And also erase the lines that separate the front arm and leg, which are visually in front.How to Draw Flash

We hope that you have gained a lot of useful knowledge and skills in drawing this fast and strong comic book hero.

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