How to Draw Anime Eyes

Learn how to draw anime eyes with this easily step-by-step drawing tutorial for beginners. Sketch your cartoon anime eyes following the instructions below.

How to Sketch Anime Eyes
How to Draw Anime Eyes Step by Step

Hi all! Today, we will tell you how to draw anime eyes. They differ markedly from other cartoon animations in their distinct style. Anime and manga animators are trying to convey the character of the characters using the image of the eyes. It is believed that with the help of huge eyes, the authors give their characters kindness, openness, and friendliness. If we accept this as true, it is not surprising that, for example, children and pets have such eye-catching eyes—they have nothing to hide, they are kind and honest to the outside world. But the villains in the anime, on the contrary, most often have an unfriendly squinted look.

Looking into the eyes of this or that hero, we can understand what he feels, how he relates to the surrounding characters. It should also be noted that voluminous eyes in anime give extraordinary beauty to the characters. Drawing anime eyes is a simple and interesting activity. Let’s start!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw Anime Eyes

  1. Pupils.

    Start by drawing the center circles for the eyes.Anime Eyes Drawing

  2. The contour of the pupil.

    Now draw the outline of the pupil as shown.Anime Eyes Easy Drawing

  3. Add eyelashes.

    Draw the base shape of the lashes as shown. Draw small circles at the bottom of the pupils, which are indicated as a reflection of light in anime eyes.Anime Eyes Drawing Tutorial

  4. Add details.

    Detail the eyelashes by adding pointed tips. Also detail the pupils by drawing lines, as in the example from the step.How to Sketch Anime Eyes Easy

  5. Draw the eyelids.

    Using curved lines as in the example, draw the upper eyelid and lower part of the eyelashes.Manga Eyes Drawing

  6. Add eyebrows.

    At the end of sketching all the details of the anime eyes, you need to draw the eyebrows. Eyebrows are drawn with curved lines. On the one hand, the eyebrow should be pointed, and on the other rounded. Follow the example from the step so that you get it right. Also, as an extra detail, you can sketch a small triangular anime nose.How to Draw Eyes Anime

  7. Color your artwork.

    Begin by tracing the outlines of the sketch using a fountain pen or marker. Then color the drawing in the color shown in the example, or paint in the pupil in a different color.
    How to Draw Anime Eyes

Your anime eye drawing is ready, and now your drawing skills can get even better! We invite you to try to draw the amazing character Goku, if you have not already done so. See you soon!

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