How to Draw Cartoon Superman

Let’s start this drawing tutorial, where you will learn how to draw a cartoon Superman! Explore the steps, instructions, and step-by-step collage to get started!

How to Draw Superman Flying
How to Draw Cartoon Superman Step by Step

In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw cartoon Superman step by step. Superman is a popular comic book character from DC’s universe who, in his image, is the classic superhero of the golden age of comics. Also, here you can try to sketch Superman in a more classic comic style.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Cartoon Superman

  1. Sketch the shape of the head.

    First, sketch out the shape of Clark Kent’s head, as well as his cartoonish chin.Easy Sketch Superman

  2. Draw the hair.

    Now draw the classic Superman’s hair with curly bangs.Superman Head Drawing

  3. Draw the ears.

    Draw simple cartoon ears for the character.Superman Hair Drawing

  4. Draw the eyes.

    Now draw Superman’s eyes. First, draw a line, and after that, sketch small black pupils.Superman Draw Step 4

  5. Sketch the eyebrows.

    Now draw the eyebrows with hatching.Superman Face Drawing Easy

  6. Draw the nose.

    Now you need to draw a simple cartoon nose by sketching one vertical long line and then one small line along with a nostril dot.How to Draw Superman face

  7. Draw the mouth.

    Draw Superman’s lips, as well as a small line to highlight his chin.Superman Face Drawing

  8. Draw the torso.

    Sketch Superman’s torso, and to do this you first need to draw two circles of his shoulders. After that, draw a line between his two shoulders to indicate the turn of his torso. Then sketch out the general outline of his torso.Drawing Superman Step 8

  9. Draw the top of the cape.

    Draw Superman’s collar, which consists of the top of his cape.Superman Sketch Step 9

  10. Draw the arms.

    Now draw Superman’s arms. Consider the proportions of his body, because in this drawing, Superman should be depicted in flight with one arm outstretched.Superman Sketch Step 10

  11. Hands guiding lines.

    Sketch out the guiding baselines and shapes for Superman’s hands, which points upward.Superman Sketch Step 11

  12. Draw the details of the fingers.

    Now draw in detail the fingers and the whole hand of the hero.Flying Superman Sketch

  13. Second hand.

    Erase the basic guidelines for the palm you drew first. After that, sketch out the basic shapes of the second hand, following the example from step.Drawing Tutorial Superman

  14. Draw a fist.

    Now using the guidelines, draw the entire Superman fist.Cartoon Superman Sketch

  15. Erase the extra lines.

    Erase all unnecessary lines, and check your entire sketch for any mistakes in the drawing. And also draw a line for the belt.How to Draw Easy Superman

  16. Draw the waist and hips.

    Draw Superman’s belt, and after that draw the top of his legs.How to Draw Superman for Beginners

  17. Draw the feet.

    Draw the bottom of the legs.Fly Superman Drawing

  18. Draw the shoes.

    Draw Superman’s long shoes and the typical pattern of the top of his boots.How to draw Superman in flight

  19. Draw the symbol.

    Draw the Superman symbol on his chest. To draw a logo, you can first draw a V-shaped (diamond shape) symbol for it, and then draw the rest of the details along with the S letter.Flying Superman Drawing

  20. Draw Superman’s cape.

    Draw the classic Superman cape.Cartoon Superman Easy Drawing

  21. Trace the sketch.

    Now use a marker to trace your sketch. You can also do this with ink and a fountain pen, or with a thin small brush and black paint.Cartoon Superman Drawing

  22. Color your Superman.

    Now it remains to color your superhero. The set of colors for the suit is minimal because everyone knows the classic image of Superman.How to Draw a Cartoon Superman

How to Sketch Superman’s face easy

And also we have created such a worksheet for you, which you can save to yourself in order to sketch a superhero’s face in more detail. Alternatively, you can print this worksheet and use it as a stand-alone instruction.

How to Draw Superman's Face Step by Step

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