How to Draw Batman

When you need to learn how to draw Batman easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. Simple step-by-step tutorial to help you draw Dark Knight.

How to Draw Batman for Beginners
How to Draw Batman Step by Step presents for you a drawing guide on how to draw Batman step by step. The Dark Knight of Gotham is one of the most popular superheroes in the world because his unusual charm makes all comic book lovers fall in love with him.

Love for Batman is not surprising, and very easy to explain, because Bats is a simple person who fights against villains who have superpowers. Also, do not forget about Bats’s friends, who have superhuman capabilities and strength, they can even be called demigods because of their abilities. But Bruce Wayne cannot be underestimated, because he has a brilliant mind, an excellent arsenal of weapons, cars, equipment, and various gadgets. Bruce’s most popular invention is his Batmobile, found in our step-by-step drawing tutorials. In addition to high-tech accessories, he has good self-defense skills that help him very well in protecting himself and saving the world in the fight against supervillains. But these are not all of his abilities and skills that distinguish him from ordinary people of Gotham and people of the whole world.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Batman

  1. Draw the shape of the head.

    We need to start sketching the head with baselines, which in this case look like an oval.Dark Knight Drawing Tutorial

  2. Draw the details of the head.

    The basic shape of the head is ready, now you need to depict the details of Batman’s helmet, firstly, his eyes, helmet horns, and various lines.Dark Knight Sketch Tutorial

  3. Draw the mouth.

    Draw the line of Bruce’s mouth, following the example from step.Drawing Tutorial Dark Knight

  4. Draw the top of the cape.

    Batman’s cloak is an extension of his helmet, and now you need to depict the top of his cape. Consider the shape and proportions of the hero’s shoulders to make the cape look realistic on his shoulders.How to Drawing Dark Knight

  5. Upper torso.

    The upper part of the cape is drawn, so now you need to sketch the upper part of Batman’s torso. The example clearly shows how you need to do this, repeat all these lines exactly. In addition to the upper torso, you also need to draw the first part of the hero’s arms, this includes his biceps and forearms.DC Superhero Drawing Tutorial

  6. Draw fists.

    Batman is depicted in this sketch in the pose of a fighter who is ready to fight, so his fists are clenched, and he is ready to fight the opponent. You need to depict his hands clenched into a fist, as well as all the lines of his gloves along with sharp knives that are located on Batman’s gloves. Bats Drawing Tutorial

  7. Draw the lower torso.

    Draw the lower torso along with Bruce’s abs. Consider the proportions of the muscles on the torso and make everything realistic in your sketch.Batman Suit Drawing Tutorial

  8. Draw the belt and underpants.

    Draw a Bat’s belt equipped with all the accessories you need to fight. You also need to draw the classic superhero pants that sit on top of their pants.Batman Sketch Tutorial Easy

  9. Draw the thighs.

    Now you need to draw the top of the legs, which are slightly bent and ready to fight. Consider drawing all the muscles of the hero, which are pumped up and powerful.Batman Sketch Easy

  10. Legs and boots.

    Draw to the end of the legs, considering that you still need to depict shoes on his legs.How to Draw Cartoon Batman

  11. Draw the cape.

    Start drawing the cloak from the line that is on the right, just along this line draw the entire length of the cape which is pointed towards the bottom. After that, sketch out the rest of the cloak. Don’t forget that the bottom of the cape should look like the wings of bats.Cartoon Batman Drawing Tutorial

  12. Draw the Batman symbol.

    On the chest, depict the symbol of Batman, which everyone knows how to look. But since there are many types of the symbol of this superhero, you can draw the type of symbol that you like the most.Batman Symbol Drawing Tutorial

  13. Tracing.

    Is your pencil sketch ready? If so, now use a black marker or ink to trace all the contours of the drawing, thereby preparing the sketch for coloring. Batman Drawing Tutorial Easy

  14. Color the gray part.

    The Batman suit is often in two pieces and two colors, and in our version of the suit, the main body is gray. You can paint in the same gray color, or use a different color for your drawing, even black or for example dark blue.Batman Drawing Tutorial

  15. Color the rest parts.

    Now color the dark part of the suit, paint the head and cloak first, and then paint Batman’s gloves and shoes. Also, don’t forget to paint the belt yellow, and its symbol a darker color than the rest of the body.How to Draw Batman

We hope you enjoyed this Batman drawing lesson and gained new knowledge and skills in creating this amazing superhero.

Do not forget that the most important thing when drawing is fantasy and inspiration. Let’s continue to create and bring our ideas to life!

Don’t forget to share your creations with your friends and let them enjoy your talent!

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