How to Draw a Dog Easy

Learn how to draw a dog easy, step by step with this very easy drawing tutorial for kids and all beginners.

how to draw a dog easy drawing

If you want to learn how to draw a dog easy, then you’ve come to the right place. Indeed, there are a huge number of drawing lessons on the network that are not suitable for those who want a simpler step-by-step lesson in drawing a dog.

This is another lesson in drawing an animal, this time it is one of people’s favorite pets. For our readers, we drew a little Labrador.

We present you an easy step-by-step instruction on how to draw a cute dog. This is suitable for any beginner, as well as kids. Welcome to the dog drawing tutorial easy!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Dog Easy

  1. Draw the circle.

    Use a compass to draw such a circle. But you can also use something at hand, such as an espresso cup or any other round to draw a dog art

  2. Draw the dog’s face.

    Draw the outline of the dog’s face in the circle. Start by drawing the dog’s eyes, then sketch out the lower part of the dog’s face. Right after that, the nose and everything to draw a dog face

  3. Draw the ears and details.

    We proceed to the next step, which as step number three is shown in light blue. First, erase the circle that you no longer need. After that, add the outer furry part of the dog’s ears. Now draw lines that are the upper part of the to draw a dog realictic

  4. Draw the dog’s legs.

    So, now we draw cute dog paws. We start with the paw, which is to the right in the picture. We start with the line that has already been drawn. Just continue it until you repeat the same thing that we showed in the picture of step number four. Then, of course, we finish drawing the second drawing easy

  5. Draw the dog’s tail.

    Now is the last step in drawing the whole body of the dog. The dog in the picture is sitting and looking up. Therefore, the hind leg of the dog is bent. We draw a semicircle, after which we draw a hind paw lying on the floor. We finish this step by drawing the dog’s tail. The tail is two lines that intersect at the tip.
    dog drawing simple

  6. Draw the eyes and details.

    We proceed to step number six. This step is the cosmetic detailing of your drawing. First, draw two black pupils. It’s easy. After drawing the eyes, you need to draw fur, lines, separation of paws and the rest. All this is shown in step in light blue color. Don’t forget to compare with what we showed in drawing step by step

  7. Check the drawing.

    This step is to compare your result and what is shown in the step. Check your result, erase excess, prepare drawing cartoon

  8. Color the drawing of the dog.

    Have paints, markers or felt-tip pens prepared? Start coloring your drawing. You don’t need to paint the dog the same color as ours. Choose the color you want. Did you like it? Share the result of the drawing with your friends on your social networks!how to draw a dog easy for kids

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