How to Draw a Christmas Candy Cane

Let’s learn how to draw a Christmas candy cane step by step. This is a very easy lesson that will appeal to everyone who even holds a pencil in their hand for the first time.


This is a very simple and easy christmas candy cane drawing tutorial. Before Christmas, a lot of people want to learn how to draw a Christmas candy cane. Besides candy, you can also draw many step by step drawings related to Christmas.

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The most beloved and popular Christmas delicacy in the entire modern world remains the candy cane. This is a J-shaped or small cane-shaped striped candy. The history of this candy is so old that it may be the oldest candy in Europe.

There is a version that the first caramel cane was made by the German choirmaster of the Cologne Cathedral in the 17th century. He pursued a very practical goal – to keep the children of the parishioners occupied during the long Christmas service. Of course, it was difficult for the kids to endure several hours in the temple – they began to be naughty, cry and want to eat. A big sweet lollipop in such a situation has become just an ingenious solution – cheap and effective.

Some people talk about a story that involves a choirmaster from Germany who invented these candies to give to children during church services.

Another version of the cane’s story says that it was invented in the United States, and its meaning was that the stripes of candy symbolized good deeds, and the shape of the candy was made in honor of the first letter in the name of Jesus.

Art supplies:

  • Pencil;
  • Black marker;
  • Colored marker, crayon or felt-tip pens;
  • Drawing paper.

And an endless desire to draw and paint!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Christmas Candy Cane

  1. Draw two straight lines.

    We start with two straight lines parallel to each other. These will be the sides of the candy.lollipop drawing

  2. Draw the top.

    Extend the lines towards the top of the cane. These are two curved lines that are rounded at the end.sweet easy step by step

  3. Draw stripes.

    Let’s move on to the main distinguishing feature of the candy. These are the lines that separate the white and red stripes of the cane.sketch-a-candy-cane-cute

  4. Draw a bow.

    There is only one last step left in drawing candy canes with a bow! Draw a large bow that is tied around the cane.candy-cane-drawing-tutorial

  5. Trace your pencil drawing.

    If you were drawing with a pencil, then you need to trace the drawing with a black marker. This is done to make the drawing look more

  6. Color your sketch!

    Take a red felt-tip pen, marker or pencil and start painting the stripes that should be red. You can paint the bow in the color you like

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