How to Draw Athena

In this drawing lesson, the team of will show you how to draw Athena. This step by step tutorial is made in an easy style for beginners, kids and adults who have never drawn.


We are that you have joined us and are happy that you are learning to draw with us! You are in the lesson on how to draw Athena quickly and easily. After you have looked at the steps in one illustration, we invite you to see in detail and step by step how to draw an ancient goddess.

There were many gods in ancient Greek mythology. Each of the deities had their own tasks and abilities, with which they helped people, taught people and transferred knowledge to them. The goddess Athena is one of the most popular and beloved in ancient Greece, her warlike image of a staunch woman gave hope for the future to many people in ancient times. She preached wisdom, belligerence, fortitude.

The city of Athens is not just so named as the name of the Goddess. This is due to the fact that in this region she was the main deity for the population. There are even holidays dedicated to Athena, there are more than three of them throughout Ancient Greece. Also, a huge number of temples in Greece are dedicated to this great Goddess. A certain number of them remain to this day, but unfortunately not all are in good condition. If you ever visit Greece and its sights, you will understand that there are many things related to the Goddess Athena.

The entire drawing lesson is divided into nine clear and simple steps. The first eight steps are outline drawing, which will allow you to understand the steps in which to draw Athena. The last step has already been colored in and shows an example of what color paint or crayons you should use.

For drawing, you will need a pencil for drawing, or a marker, but we recommend using a pencil, as you can erase all mistakes and extra lines. You can use felt-tip pens, paints, or colored pencils to color in your drawing. If you are using a tablet to draw, then you do not need these drawing tools. Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Athena

  1. Draw a circle.

    Draw an even circle in the middle of the sheet, which will eventually be the shield of Athena. You can draw a circle with a circus or other drawing tools, but we recommend doing it by hand to practice your skills.Athena-shield-drawing

  2. Draw the construction of the hair.

    In this step, you will draw the line construction that will be needed to draw Athena’s hair. These are just two light lines that are rounded at the top. This stage is shown in blue.learn-athena-drawing

  3. Draw the helmet of Athena.

    Now we draw the helmet of Athena. This is a semicircle that sits above the hair structure. Above this semicircle, draw a helmet crest design. In ancient times, these combs on helmets were made of horsehair and dyed in different colors. In our drawing, the helmet will be with red horse hair.goddes-athena-drawing

  4. Draw the face.

    Moving on to the design of Athena’s face. We have all seen many Greek sculptures depicting the Greek classical profile in such a stately style. We also drew a classic Greek profile, but in a cartoon style. This is a large, straight nose, an elongated chin and strict facial features.athena-profile-drew

  5. Draw the details of the face.

    In this step, you need to draw the details of the face. These are the eyebrows and mouth line that will add more realism to your cartoon drawing.athena-cartoon-drawing

  6. Draw the eye.

    Draw a circle under the already drawn eyebrow of Athena. The eye in this style is drawn in a circle to implement the cartoon style. After drawing the eye, draw two pointed lines at the end. This will be the outline for drawing Athena’s spear.cartoon-athena-drawing-tutorial

  7. Draw a cloak.

    In this step, draw the point of the spear that points upward. After that, draw a cloak that hangs out from under the round shield of Athena. In ancient Greece, many wore raincoats, especially this was remembered by everyone from the films about 300 Spartans, cartoons about Hercules and other popular films and cartoons.How-to-draw-Athena-Greek-goddess

  8. Draw Athena’s greek robe.

    In this step, draw Athena’s dress that touches the ground. In ancient Greece, almost all people wore long robes that looked very impressive and beautiful. Also repeat the shield detail exactly as shown in step number

  9. Color your great Goddess Athena.

    Now paint the drawing. Paint the helmet, spearhead and shield in metallic gray. Paint Athena’s cloak, shield detail and helmet crest in scarlet red. Paint Athena’s robe in a heavenly color.easy-athena-drawing-tutorial-for-beginners

Thank you for being with us, it is very important for our team! Share this drawing lesson with your friends, also do not forget to share your drawing result with your friends.

If you want to learn how to draw, you must practice your skills constantly and everywhere. Draw everyday objects around you and share with your friends! We also suggest you try to draw a small bird, crocodile or rose. Have a great day!

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