How to Draw a Baby Bird

Learn how to draw a baby bird step by step with this easy drawing tutorial for beginners, kids and adults.


Dear drawing lovers, we suggest you learn how to draw a baby bird. Our team drew a cartoon bird for you to make it much easier for beginners and children to portray the image of a child of a bird. This tutorial is very simple and doesn’t take very much effort to understand.

Birds differ from many other animals in a large number of distinctive body parts. For example, in birds, the respiratory organs are arranged differently. After all, birds during flight feel the air flow in a completely different way. For people, such air currents would be extremely unfavorable, for example, the fact that people jumping with a parachute use different means to protect their face from wind currents. Birds perceive such a strong wind as ordinary and easy. It is interesting that not all birds can fly, these include chickens, penguins, ostriches and even some types of parrots.

To draw this bird, use pencils, markers and paints. If you want to draw a bird from a video game, then try drawing a red bird from a game about Angry Birds. Also you can find drawing lessons of other animals that may interest you. All drawing lessons are easy and comfortable.

The lesson is divided into six parts that show you how to do this. The seventh step shows the already painted bird. We wish you a pleasant drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Baby Bird

  1. Draw the outline of the bird.

    The first step is to draw a construction line. This line is drawn to outline the outline of the bird. Start with the head line that is on top, then draw a construction line for the torso and tail.little-bird-drawing-tutorial

  2. Draw the beak and eye.

    In the second step of the bird illustration, you need to draw an outline circle for the eye, over which you need to draw the eyebrow lines. After that draw the outline of the beak and erase the extra

  3. Detail the eye and beak.

    Now we move on to drawing the outline of the pupil. It’s just a circle inside the eye. It should be closer to the edge of the line, as shown in the picture in blue. Now draw a line that will split the beak in two. Draw a line from the tip to the middle of the beak.birds-drawing-lesson

  4. Draw a wing.

    Moving on to drawing the important part for each bird. This is a bird’s wing, which is also very easy to draw. You want to draw a half oval on the inside, and the outside of the wing is a wavy line. Happened? Move

  5. Draw the legs of the bird.

    Draw two small legs for the child’s bird. You can draw four lines, two on each side, to which you will draw the bird’s legs from

  6. Draw a twig.

    Birds fly constantly and find new areas to explore. Our drawing is depicted on a branch on which a small bird proudly looks into the distance. You can draw the branch as you like. You can make a branch with leaves. We are glad if you

  7. Color your cute little bird.

    Paint the legs and beak yellow or orange, and the body the color you want. It is not necessary to paint in the same color as shown in the tutorial. Paint the wing of the bird in a different shade of the same color in which you paint the head and

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