How to Draw a Rose

Learn how to draw a rose step by step with this super easy drawing tutorial for kids and beginners.

How to draw a rose
How to draw a rose - step by step drawing lesson

There is a huge variety of guides on the Internet that show how to draw a rose, but most of them are too difficult for a novice artist.

Drawing a rose is one of the most important skills for all aspiring artists, and it is critical to get the simplest and most understandable guide with which it will be easy to draw this beautiful flower.

Here we will present you the simplest and easiest way to draw this flower, using which, even the most inexperienced artist will not face any difficulties.

This instruction is also very important in order to learn how to draw symmetrical patterns and draw straight lines.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Rose

  1. Draw a petal.

    At the top of a piece of paper, draw a petal that looks like a drop. Please note that the upper sharp part should be pointing to the side.Draw a rose

  2. Draw another petal.

    The second petal is a mirror image of the petal from the first step. Notice how the petal from the first step overlaps the one drawn in this step.Drawing rose

  3. Draw the inner petals.

    These petals are like a collar. One petal overlaps the other. Their size should be noticeably smaller than the petals from the first two stages.How to draw a rose for kids

  4. Draw the sepals.

    Draw almond-shaped sepals just below the bud. Note that unlike the petals, their tips should point slightly downward.Learn how to draw a rose

  5. Draw the stem.

    You can draw the stem using two long, vertical lines, making it perfectly straight. Alternatively, you can make the stem slightly curved for a more natural look.How to draw a rose easy step by step

  6. Draw the twigs.

    These lines should come from the stem and go up. Try to draw them at different levels to achieve more naturalness.How to draw a rose easy

  7. Draw the leaves.

    The leaves should be almond-shaped, and partly repeat the outlines of the sepals.

  8. Erase unnecessary lines.

    Remove unnecessary lines from the rose drawing and outline it using a darker color.rose drawing tutorial

  9. Color the rose drawing.

    We painted the stem and leaves of the rose green and the bud pink. You can repeat everything as in our example, or use different colors.How to draw a rose

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