How to Draw an Owl Step by Step

Learn how to draw an owl step by step and easily with this guide.

How to Draw an Owl Drawing
How to Draw an Owl Step by Step

We are glad that you found free time, took pencils and other necessary drawing supplies and decided to portray a beautiful bird! Here you will learn how to draw an owl step by step and easily.

A furry bird with big eyes can be found in forests, in the steppes, at the height of the mountains and even in cities, that is, almost everywhere. At the moment, more than 220 different types of these birds are known. The predominant amount of owls can be safely called night birds, since they have the peak of activity in the dark. Also, owls have really sharp vision: a special pupil, rapidly expanding and narrowing, contributes to an ambulance to lighting and examining what is happening around both day and night.
Drawing owls is a simple and entertaining process. Let’s start it!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw an Owl Step by Step

  1. Shape the face.

    Start by drawing the face shape as shown.How to Draw an Owl for Beginners

  2. Add details.

    Draw the eyes and beak of the bird.How to Draw an Owl Face

  3. Draw the body.

    Using two curved lines, draw the owl body as an example.How to Draw an Owl Body

  4. Add wings.

    Draw owl wings just as shown in the example. Use “U”-shaped forms for drawing feathers on the wings.How to Draw an Owl Wings

  5. Detail the wings.

    Add a simple texture to owl wings. You just need to draw strips as shown in the example.Owl Drawing for Beginners

  6. Add the thighs.

    Draw the semicircular thighs of the owl, as well as detail the owl breast by adding the texture of the feathers.How to Sketch an Owl

  7. Draw owl legs.

    Depict the legs of a flying owl.Owl Drawing Tutorial

  8. Add the tail.

    Now you need to draw the tail of the owl using several straight lines.How to Draw an Easy Owl

  9. Details of the tail.

    Draw the owl’s tail texture in the same form as the texture on the wings of the owl was drawn.How to Draw an Owl Easy

  10. Color the artwork.

    How to Draw an Owl

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