How to Draw a Horse Head

Start drawing a horse with this drawing lesson, because here we show you how to draw a horse’s head. Scroll down below for a step-by-step collage and instructions.

How to Draw a Horse Head Simple
How to Draw a Horse Head Step by Step

Start drawing a horse with this tutorial—after all, here you will learn how to draw a horse’s head really easy. Let’s take a look at what a horse’s head looks like. Horses have an elongated muzzle, pointed ears, a mane and a long neck. This drawing lesson can be a start for you in drawing a horse, so we suggest that after this drawing you start drawing the whole body of a horse.

Horses are large mammals that have been widely distributed among human communities for many years. The horses have a long head with a wide muzzle and two long front legs that allow them to run fast. Horses have a shiny coat and a long mane that covers the neck of these beautiful animals. Horses can be of different colors—brown, white, taupe, black, golden and so on. And also, the coat of horses has various spots and patterns.

Horses belong to the equine family, which also includes ponies, zebras, mules, and donkeys. Ponies are smaller sized horses that can be used for riding and hauling loads. Mules are hybrid animals that are the offspring of a horse and a donkey. Mules have strong legs and are more enduring.

Horses have several major physical abilities that make them so useful in various areas of human endeavor. They run fast and can reach speeds of over 50 kilometers per hour. They also have strong legs, allowing them to jump over obstacles and carry heavy loads.

Horses are great animals for your drawing and can be drawn in a variety of poses to show their movement and grace.

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Horse Head

  1. Prepare the base.

    Begin by drawing the basic outline of the horse’s head. You need to draw the shape of the forehead, chin and elongated muzzle of the horse.Horse Head Drawing Step by Step

  2. Draw the ears.

    On the top of the horse draw two leaf-shaped pointed ears.Horse Ears Drawing

  3. Add the eye.

    Draw the almond-shaped eye of the horse and the supraorbital line.Horse Head Drawing Tutorial Easy

  4. Add details of the face.

    Draw the pupil of the horse in the shape of an eye, then add the outline of the muzzle.Horse Head Drawing Tutorial

  5. Detail the muzzle.

    At the tip of your horse’s muzzle, draw the nostril and mouth line.Horse Head Pencil Drawing

  6. Draw the neck.

    Form the horse’s neck starting with a line coming from the back of the horse’s head, then shape the bottom and connect to the head near the throat.Easy Horse Head to Draw

  7. Draw the horse’s mane.

    Now on the horse’s neck, draw the mane as shown in the example.Horse Head Drawings

  8. Color the horse’s head.

    Color your horse with the colors you choose. We shaded our horse’s coat and mane using shades of brown and colored the muzzle white.Horse Head Drawing

Congratulations on finishing our step-by-step tutorial on drawing a horse head! Now that you’ve completed drawing the head, take some time to think about the process you went through. Decide what you found difficult in drawing? Work on the details that are the difficult for you, because this is the right way to master the art of drawing. Practice more often to improve your drawing skills!

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