How to Draw a Zebra for Kids

In this super easy drawing tutorial for kids, you will learn how to draw a zebra step by step and easily! Scroll down to see the entire lesson!

How to Draw a Zebra for Kids
How to Draw a Zebra step by step

Hello! For children, the striped zebra from hot Africa is one of the favorite animals. Therefore, we decided to prepare a simple lesson on how to draw a zebra for kids. By following all our steps, you can easily get a zebra drawing.

Zebra is a mammal belonging to the horse family, a subgenus of zebra. The stripes on each zebra are individual. The size of the animal is up to 2 m in length and 1.5 m in height. Africa is the only continent where zebras live. Zebras feed on various grasses, the foliage of shrubs.

After we have gotten to know the animal a little, we can move on to drawing guides on how to draw a zebra step by step. Get your pencils ready and let’s get started!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Zebra for Kids

  1. Draw the zebra head.

    In the upper left of the sheet, draw an oval-shaped zebra head, exactly the same as you see in our instructions. It looks like a chicken egg.
    How to Draw a Zebra for Beginners

  2. Draw the body of the zebra.

    Below and to the right of the first oval from it, draw another oval, which will be the body of the zebra. It is more rounded and not as elongated as the first.
    Simple Drawing a Zebra

  3. Draw the neck and ears.

    Draw two parallel lines between the head and body, and you will have the neck of the future zebra. Now, at the top of the head, draw two rounded ears. Further, in the lower left side of the head, draw the arched line, just like in our picture.
    Easy Drawing a Zebra

  4. Draw the face and tail of the zebra.

    Make two identical round eyes on the head. In the center of each circle, put a point, these are the pupils of your zebra. Now at the bottom of the muzzle, depict the nose with two points, as in our picture. And under it draw a small smiling zebra mouth. Next, on the back of the torso, draw the sharp, slightly curved ponytail, with the small tip.
    Zebra Easy Drawing Tutorial

  5. Draw the legs and mane.

    Draw the slightly curved line from the ears, along the neck to the body of the zebra. Now make four rectangular legs from the bottom of the body, they are slightly curved, two front ones stretch forward, and two back ones are directed backward. Your drawn zebra is jumping. Draw the hoof at the bottom of each leg, as in our picture.
    how to draw a cartoon zebra

  6. Draw zebra stripes.

    Draw some simple lines along the withers. After that, draw some lines on the torso of your zebra.Drawing a Zebra for Kids

  7. Color the zebra artwork.

    It remains to paint the zebra in the desired colors. Make the ears pink. Color the lower part of the muzzle brown. Make the lines at the withers dark gray so that they alternate with the white areas, as in our picture. The end of the tail must also be painted dark gray. Make the hooves dark brown. You can also use other colors and shades.
    How to Draw a Easy Zebra

Great looking drawing is ready! If you did everything exactly by following our guide, how to draw a zebra for beginners, then you have succeeded and you are great. Now you know how to draw a zebra. Share with your friends on social networks, our lessons, and your successes. And quickly move on to new drawing lessons!


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