How to Draw My Little Pony

Learn how to draw My Little Pony character using our step-by-step guide. See instructions and collage to get started.

How to Draw an Easy My Little Pony
How to Draw My Little Pony Step by Step

Let’s start the drawing process together, where you will learn how to draw My Little Pony!

My Little Pony is a popular-animated series that has become a hit with kids and adults alike. She talks about little ponies, each of which has its own unique character and features. If you love these characters, then this activity will be super fun and rewarding for you!

In our guide, we will show the drawing of one of the main characters—Rarity! Rarity is one of the main characters in the animated series. She is a unicorn and works as a fashion designer and couturier. Rarity is very talented and dedicated to her work, she creates beautiful and unique outfits for her friends as well as other residents.

All in all, drawing My Little Pony characters is a great way to express your creativity and imagination. By following simple steps and adding your own details, you can create unique and adorable characters that will delight you and your friends! Let’s start the process!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw My Little Pony

  1. Outline the head.

    Begin by preparing the base shape of the head, along with the pony’s pointed ear.My Little Pony Sketch

  2. Add the outlines of the eyes and mane.

    Add oval shapes for your pony’s eyes, then draw the mane’s bangs. Also in this step, it is shown how to draw the line of the pony’s nose.How to Draw My Little Pony for Beginners

  3. Add details.

    So, first detail the front of the mane by adding curved lines, as in the example. Now you need to add the mouth and nostrils, and besides that, draw the reflection of the light in the eyes.How to Draw My Little Pony Face

  4. Draw the pupils.

    This step shows how to draw the pupils and eyelashes of your pony. Also add additional mane details.Chibi My Little Pony Drawing

  5. Draw the pony’s mane.

    From the top of the head, extend the curved line to form the shape of your pony’s mane.My Little Pony Head Drawing

  6. Draw the pony’s body.

    From under the head, extend two lines for the neck, then draw the small oval pony body. Don’t forget to add four diamond shapes as shown.How to Draw My Little Pony Easy

  7. Draw the pony’s legs.

    Following the example from the step, draw the three legs of your pony.How to Sketch My Little Pony

  8. Add details.

    Add bracelets on the pony’s front legs, and also depict the fourth leg of your pony.Easy to Draw My Little Pony

  9. Prepare the tail.

    Draw the first two details of the pony’s tail using the two shapes shown in the example.Step by Step My Little Pony Drawing

  10. Draw the tail.

    Using curved lines to outline the tail of the pony.How to Draw My Little Pony

  11. Color your Pony.

    Trace the sketch using a black marker, then add color to the drawing with your coloring tools.My Little Pony Drawing

Amazing! Pony drawing completed! Drawing My Little Pony characters is a fun and creative activity that can be fun for both kids and adults.

Creating unique and adorable characters can be a great way to express your creativity in drawing. We hope you have a great looking drawing that you can share with your friends! If you have never drawn unicorns, then we suggest you try to create a magnificent drawing of this mythical creature!

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