How to Draw the Joker for Kids

In this drawing lesson for kids, you will learn how to draw the Joker, a character from DC Comics. Draw this eternal enemy of Batman using our guide.

How to Draw the Joker for Kids
How to Draw the Joker for Kids Step by Step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw the Joker for kids! The Joker is a character in the popular DC universe.

The main features of the Joker are his laugh, clown image, and his feud with the popular superhero Batman.

We drew the Joker in his classic style. Drawing a character in this form will not be at all difficult for kids and beginners. In addition to this Joker, you can try to sketch Chibi Joker, step-by-step sketch instructions for which are also on our website.

Below is a step-by-step plan to follow during the sketching process. Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw the Joker for Kids

  1. Outline of the head.

    First, draw the horizontal oval for the head.Joker Sketch Step 1

  2. Sketch the shape of the suit.

    Under the head, draw two parallel lines that diverge slightly in different directions. Connect them at the bottom with one straight line.Joker Drawing Step 2

  3. Draw the Joker’s hair.

    Draw the small semicircle on the left side of the head. Next to it, draw a larger semicircle with pointed ends on one side.Joker Drawing Step 3

  4. Draw the eyes and eyebrows.

    First, draw two parallel horizontal lines. Draw semicircles on top of each of them. Inside, sketch out small circles for the eye pupils. Draw small ovals for the eyebrows above the eyes as well.Easy Joker How to Draw

  5. Joker’s mouth and ears.

    First, draw the curved line of the Joker’s mouth, and after that draw an outline around the mouth. And also draw the character’s ears in two semicircles, which are symmetrical to each other.Joker How to Draw for Kids

  6. Draw the tie.

    First, draw the inverted triangle that is the collar of the Joker suit, and immediately after that draw the Joker’s tie.How to Sketch the Joker for Kids

  7. Draw the arms.

    Draw the Joker’s arms with straight lines, and draw the hands with small semicircular shapes.How to Draw the Joker Easy

  8. Draw the legs of the Joker.

    Draw in the same way two parallel lines on each side under the torso. At the bottom, draw small horizontal ovals for the shoes.How to Draw the Joker for Beginners

  9. Color the Joker.

    Color the character’s hair green, the jacket red, the tie green, and the shirt yellow. Shade the pants purple and the shoe brown.How to Draw Joker for Kids

Done! The joker is drawn. Congratulations! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Check out our other drawing tutorials as well and draw more characters. Good luck!

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