How to Draw Eyes for Kids

Below you will see how to draw eyes, very easy even for kids. So grab your pencils and paper and let’s start drawing eyes together!

How to Draw Eyes
How to Draw Eyes Step by Step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw eyes for kids. There are many drawing tutorials on the Internet that aim to show people how to sketch eyes, but often these drawing lessons are very difficult or not very satisfying to the needs of beginners. We have drawn this step-by-step guide to cartoon eyes in a beautiful and easy style so that you can draw them with ease!

The eyes are one of the most attractive parts of a person. It is often said that you can learn a lot about the interlocutor and his character from the eyes. There are different eye colors that are striking in their beauty. Drawing eyes beautifully is great art. We suggest you learn it using this cool tutorial.

There are no particularly difficult elements in the whole design that will complicate your sketching process. However, you need to follow some drawing rules in order to draw the eyes correctly and very beautifully.

We have tried to make the instruction presented below clear and simple. Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw Eyes for Kids

  1. Guiding lines.

    Draw horizontal guidelines on the paper with which you will sketch the eyes.How to Sketch Eyes Easy

  2. Upper eyelid outline.

    Using curved lines, sketch out the upper eyelids.How to Sketch Eyes for Beginners

  3. Lower eyelids.

    Draw the lower eye lines in the same way.How to Sketch Eyes

  4. Erase the lines.

    Erase the horizontal guidelines, and correct any mistakes in the sketch, if any, in your drawing. The resulting sketch of the eyes should look like the to draw eyes cartoon

  5. Draw the eyelashes.

    On top of each drawn eye, draw a few short lines to shape the to draw cartoon eyes

  6. Outlining of the pupils.

    Draw circles inside each eye to shape the to draw eyelashes

  7. The inner part of the pupils.

    Draw solid black circles in the middle of the eye contours.How to Draw Eyes Easy

  8. Reflection of light.

    Draw the small circle near the black part of the pupil, which will later remain white in the drawing and will look like light reflected in the to draw easy eyes

  9. Color the eyes.

    Eye color can be completely different. You can paint the eyes blue, as we did. You can also choose other colors: green, brown, dark blue, or any other color that you want to do in your artwork. What color are your eyes? Write about it in the comments, and also try to draw your eyes using our step-by-step tutorial for example.How to Draw Eyes for Kids

The eye drawing is complete!, friends! We hope you learned how to draw eyes using this tutorial. Congratulations! We hope this was a useful and interesting tutorial. Share your work with your friends on social networks, and also improve your skills further with the help of other sketches. Try now to draw a person’s face!

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