How to Draw Chibi Joker

Learn how to draw Chibi Joker easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. A simple step-by-step guide to help you draw a cute supervillain.

How to Draw Chibi Joker for Beginners
How to Draw Chibi Joker Step by Step

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw chibi Joker who smiles very viciously. The Joker is one of the most popular comic book characters despite the fact that he is not a superhero, but a supervillain. This is all because of the charisma and cool image of the character, which the creators of this character have worked on. The Joker’s main rival is Batman, with whom they have been in a hostile state for many years.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw Chibi Joker

  1. Draw the hair.

    Start by sketching the Joker’s hair, which is drawn in the style of the character’s hair from the latest movies.How to Sketch Joker Chibi

  2. Draw the shape of the face.

    Draw the line under the hair that is the shape of the Joker’s face.Joker Hair Drawing

  3. Draw the shape of the eyes.

    Draw a line under the hair that is the shape of the Joker’s face. Depict the shape of the eyes, which are furiously frowned. And also draw dark bruises under the Joker’s eyes.How to Draw Joker Hair

  4. Draw the pupils.

    The shape of the chibi eyes is drawn, now you need to depict the pupils.Joker Eyes Drawing

  5. Add the smile.

    Draw the Joker’s smiling to draw joker smile

  6. Draw the second part of the smile.

    Draw in full the Joker’s smile, as well as the lines of the teeth.Joker Face Drawing Tutorial

  7. Draw the neck.

    Draw the neck and the top of the suit, which includes the collar and to draw joker face chibi

  8. Draw the arm.

    Draw the arm that is on the right in the sketch.How to Draw Cartoon Joker

  9. Draw the second arm.

    Now draw the Joker’s second arm.How to Draw the Joker Chibi

  10. Coat collar.

    Draw the collar of the coat to the end.How to Draw the Joker Chibi

  11. The bottom of the coat.

    Draw the bottom of the coat, which sways slightly in the wind.Chibi Joker Drawing Easy

  12. Draw the vest.

    The Joker has a vest under his coat, and it is this vest that you need to depict following this step.Chibi Joker How to Draw

  13. Draw the pants.

    Draw the pants of the Joker.Chibi Joker Drawing Tutorial

  14. Draw the shoes.

    If you have drawn the pants, then now you need to sketch the shoes.How to Draw Chibi Joker Easy

  15. Color your Joker.

    Your sketch is ready, the pencil lines are complete, and so now you need to color in the drawing. Use your favorite coloring materials, such as crayons or felt-tip pens.How to Draw Chibi Joker

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