How to Draw Santa Claus on a Sleigh

Here you will learn how to draw Santa Claus on a sleigh. Beginners can easily master this level of drawing.


You have searched and found how to draw Santa Claus on a sleigh! This easy step by step drawing lesson of Santa with reindeer Rudolph will understandable even for those, who took a pencil in the first time. As you know, Santa always moves on a sleigh driven by his reindeer, led by Rudolph. We could draw a large reindeer team, but that would make the drawing lesson very difficult and lengthy. For this reason, we only drew one reindeer.

Did you know that Rudolph’s reindeer appeared one hundred and sixteen years after the appearance of eight other reindeer? He became the ninth reindeer to join Santa’s team in poems and fairy tales. Santa’s image changed a lot in the 30s of the twentieth century. Prior to this change, Santa Claus looked more like a good church preacher. Indeed, in Europe he was called Saint Nicholas, and the familiar image of Santa Claus appeared in the United States.

We’ve divided the entire tutorial into ten very simple and straightforward steps that will show you in detail how to embody this Xmas scene.

Art supplies:

  • Pencil;
  • Black marker;
  • Colored marker, crayon or felt-tip pens;
  • Drawing paper.

And an unlimited desire to create!

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Santa Claus on a Sleigh

  1. Draw the construction of the sleigh.

    The first step is to depict a side view of the sleigh. reindeer-sleigh

  2. Draw Christmas presents.

    Now we need to draw the rest of the sleigh and the lines of Santa’s torso. If you have drawn this, then start drawing the gifts that lie next to Santa on the sleigh. Don’t forget to draw the sled.sleigh-presents-gifts

  3. Start portraying Santa.

    Now add the body of Santa Claus, arms and a lush beard. Zoom in on the example from step to see the picture in detail and repeat on your paper in pencil.reindeer-christmas-sleigh

  4. Draw the eyes and hat for Santa Claus.

    Draw two big cute Santa eyes, and above them draw the eyebrows. Have you painted? Now draw his long hat. santa-and-reindeer-drawing

  5. Draw Rudolph’s line art.

    Draw the construction of Rudolph’s body. His legs should look like he is flying in the

  6. Draw the deer antlers.

    In this step, you have to draw long deer antlers, spots on the deer and a face. The face in the drawing is made up of small black eyes, a mouth, and a shiny

  7. Compare the result and the example.
    If you are already at this step, then the pencil drawing is ready! You just have to erase everything unnecessary from the paper and compare your result with what is shown in the lesson.


  8. Trace your drawing.

    Use a thick black marker to trace the sketch you drew in

  9. Color the cute Santa on the sleigh.

    You are at the last stage! It remains to color the drawing and enjoy the result. Start coloring with your coloring tools.santa-on-a-sleigh-drawing-tutorial

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