How to Draw Santa Claus for Kids

In this really easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw Santa Claus for kids. This step-by-step and easy drawing tutorial will be understandable for all beginners in drawing!


Ho ho ho! Friends, hello everyone! Probably for each of us, one of the main family holidays is Christmas. Therefore, the artists of our team have prepared a simple lesson on how to draw Santa Claus for kids step by step. After all, it is Santa Claus, who is the most important character in the Christmas atmosphere.

This Santa Claus drawing tutorial is primarily intended for children. That is why we tried to make a very simple description and understandable drawing steps.

Kids, have you been good this year? After all, Santa Claus gives Christmas presents only to those children who obeyed their parents and behaved well all year. Of course, no one will be left out, we behaved well! And in order to speed up the time and create a festive, warm home atmosphere, we suggest you teach how to draw Santa Claus in stages. Be careful and follow our steps, and you will easily get a drawing of Santa Claus.

What do we need?

  • Paper;
  • colored pencils and markers;
  • good mood and desire.

And we will try to provide as simple and understandable as possible an easy instruction on how to draw Santa Claus step by step.

Time needed: 20 minutes

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  1. Draw Santa’s head.

    The first thing to do is to draw the head. The head must be made in the shape of a slightly flattened circle.
    Lesson How to Draw Santa Claus for Kids

  2. Draw the silhouette of the hat.

    The next step is to draw a silhouette of Santa’s hat. To do this, draw a horizontal line at the top of the head (circle), which will serve as the edge of the cap. Draw the upper part of the hat as shown in the picture.
    Santa Claus Drawing Lesson for Kids

  3. Draw the nose and pompom of the hat.

    It’s easy enough! Draw the circle at the bottom of the face, and a smaller circle at the end of the hat.
    Draw a Santa Claus for Kids

  4. Draw the ears and beard.

    The next step is to draw Santa’s ears. To do this, draw semicircles on the left and right of the face.
    A beard can be made as shown in our drawings or in any form.
    Santa Claus Easy Drawing Tutorial

  5. Draw facial expressions and body.

    Now you need to draw the eyebrows in the form of ovals and under them the eyes. And the smile will be visible from under the beard.
    After drawing the facial expressions of Santa Claus, go to the body. The body is in the shape of a ball. Note that the upper torso should not be visible because it is covered with a beard.
    Learn How to Draw Santa Claus for Kids

  6. Draw the arms and legs.

    After drawing the body, it is necessary to show the arms and legs. At this stage, you can draw absolutely arbitrarily, or look at our drawing. In our case, Santa, Santa’s hands are directed in different directions, and he is waiting for our hugs.
    Draw Santa Claus Drawing for Kids

  7. Draw the details.

    Guys, we’re at the home stretch. It remains only to draw the belt, the edges of the mittens, and boots. And in the final stage, you need to erase the extra lines from the drawing.
    How to Draw Easy Santa Claus

  8. Color the drawing of Santa Claus.

    Kids, we just have to paint a simple drawing of Santa Claus. To do this, you will need markers and pencils. Come up with your own design, or see how the colors are shown in our picture.
    Drawing Santa Claus for Kids

Done! If you followed every step, then you got a drawing of Santa Claus, and you are great! We hope you enjoyed our lesson How to draw Santa Claus for Kids in stages, because we are trying to make simple and understandable lessons for beginners.

You can share a common lesson with your friends through children’s lessons, for example, drawing a Christmas tree. And we wish you creative success!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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