How to Draw Deadpool for Kids

In this drawing tutorial for kids, you will learn how to draw Deadpool. You only need 7 easy steps to create this character drawing!

Deadpool how to draw for kids
How to Draw Deadpool for Kids Step by Step

This drawing guide about a hero who is a character from the Marvel universe. Many adults and kids love him, and it is for children that we have prepared a guide on how to draw Deadpool for kids. Novice artists will be able to draw this drawing without any problems since the object is in a static state, but if you want more complex instructions from another superhero, then try drawing Batman. For better concentration, we advise you to follow all points of the manual in order to achieve the best result.

The first appearance of this cool character was in February 1991. Like Wolverine, the hero has an incredibly fast ability to regenerate damaged body cells. He is a smart strategist, perfectly uses melee weapons and other types of weapons.

Good luck, super artists!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Deadpool for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the superhero’s head.

    For convenience and evenness, you can use a compass or circle a small coin. But we advise you to do sketches by hand to improve your skills, which will help you in the future to draw any circles and lines without compasses and rulers.Deadpool Easy Drawing Tutorial

  2. Draw the torso.

    The body should be slightly smaller than the head. Since Deadpool will be cartoonish in this sketch, you need to draw it without realism and realistic human proportions. Cartoon Deadpool Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the mask, legs, and arms of Deadpool.

    In our version of sketching, the superhero is in a calm, static position, so the arms and legs will not visually different from each other. It is very easy and fast to draw.Cartoon Deadpool Drawing Easy

  4. Add details to the mask, as well as the boots and belt of the superhero.

    So, now you need to draw the eyes, they are also very easy to draw. You just need to draw small almond-shaped eyes on the mask. After that, sketch out the shape of the fists and the belt of the suit. Deadpool has always been distinguished by its unique style and colors. Deadpool Chibi How to Draw

  5. Draw gloves and the belt.

    Draw the straps located on the torso, these straps are needed in order to fasten swords and other equipment for battles. In addition to the belts, you need to draw the details of the gloves. An interesting fact is that Deadpool always eats pizza and, moreover, only one type—pineapple. Cartoon Deadpool Draw Tutorial

  6. Add details and draw two katanas.

    First, draw small details of the Batman costume, then draw the katanas that are located on the character’s back. Katanas are the main weapon of the hero, he owns them in full perfection.Easy Drawing Deadpool full body

  7. Color the Deadpool’s drawing.

    We use several colors: red, white, gray, brown, and black. You can use your own coloring, but our version is classic. Draw Deadpool for Kids

Deadpool’s art is ready! If you followed all the points of the guide, then you should get a wonderful drawing. We advise you to post the result on social networks or share it with your friends, we will be very pleased.

We are waiting for you on other step-by-step guides, friends!

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