How to Draw Wolverine

When you need to learn how to draw Wolverine easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. This is a simple step-by-step tutorial to help you draw a classic X-Men Character.

How to Draw Wolverine Easy
How to Draw Wolverine Step by Step

Snikt! Is Wolverine here, scary? You do not have to be afraid, because you are on a drawing guide on how to draw Wolverine step by step! This is an aggressive and strong Canadian superhero who first appeared in one of the numbers of the Incredible Hulk comic book. Also, Wolverine is the most popular hero from the X-Men team, and this is not surprising, because Logan is a multifaceted personality that very much captivates readers of comics or viewers of films about this team of mutants.

The main superpowers of this mutant are super-fast body regeneration after any cuts or wounds, superhuman strength, and endurance. Also, Wolverine has developed a sense of smell, hearing, and sight, because he has the abilities of a predatory beast. The main and most popular superpower of Logan is his steel claws, which are in his hands, and he can put forward these sharp claws in any threat to self-defense. Do you love Wolverine as a character from the X-Men? If you like some other character, then write the name of your character in the comments by scrolling the article to the very bottom in the comments section. By the way, you can also try to draw Spider-Man, who is also one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw Wolverine

  1. Draw the upper part of the mask.

    The main difference between the Wolverine suit is its mask with large ears, and this is exactly what you need to draw in this step.Wolverine X-Men Drawing

  2. Draw the eyes.

    Draw the details of the lower part of the mask, as well as the eyes of Wolverine, which express the aggressive emotions of the character.Wolverine Sketch Tutorial

  3. Draw the face.

    Draw the grinning aggressive mouth of Wolverine, which, like the eyes, shows the character’s aggression.X-Men Drawing Tutorial

  4. Draw the shoulders.

    Now you need to draw the first details of Wolverine’s body, and start drawing everything from the shoulders.X-Men Sketch Tutorial

  5. Draw the biceps and chest.

    Continuing to draw Logan’s body, first draw his biceps, and then draw the lines of the chest.Sketch X-Men Wolverine

  6. Forearms.

    Continue drawing the hands and also draw the lines of the gloves.How to Sketch Wolverine Easy

  7. Draw fists.

    This step shows the continuation of the arms that you need to draw. Repeat everything from the example.Wolverine Easy Sketching

  8. Details of the claws.

    In the classic Wolverine suit on gloves, there are certain places from which his claws come out, and these are the holes that you will need to draw in this step.Wolverine Easy How to Sketch

  9. Depict the lines of the claws.

    You need to draw lines that will be the guiding baselines for sketching Logan’s claws.How to Draw Easy Wolverine

  10. Draw the claws.

    Sketch the claws on the baselines and finish off Logan’s claws.Drawing Guide Wolverine Simple

  11. Belt drawing.

    Draw the belt of the Wolverine costume, and also depict the typical X-Men logo on it from the letter X. Drawing Guide Simple Wolverine

  12. Body and suit details.

    Draw the details of Wolverine’s torso shown in this step. You need to first depict the muscles that are located on Logan’s torso, these are pumped-up chest and abs. After that sketch out the details of the costume that are located on the torso.Wolverine Claws Drawing Tutorial

  13. Sketch the lower body.

    Draw the top of Wolverine’s pants. Wolverine Suit Drawing Tutorial

  14. Draw the top of the legs.

    You need to start drawing the legs by sketching the thighs and the entire upper part of Wolverine’s inflated legs up to the knees.How to Sketch Wolverine for beginners

  15. Draw the right leg.

    Draw to the end of the leg, which is visually located on the right. Consider all the details and general appearance of the original shoes of the Wolverine costume.Wolverine Drawing for beginners

  16. Draw the second leg.

    Now finish drawing the second leg in the same way as you drew the first leg. Try to take into account the proportions that are observed in the example.How to Drawing Wolverine Easy

  17. Color over the black details.

    We move on to the final stages of illustration Wolverine and his suit, so in this step, you will need to color the black parts of the suit, which are clearly shown in the example.Drawing Tutorial Wolverine Easy

  18. Tracing.

    Before coloring the sketch, you need to trace all the lines of the drawing with ink or a black marker.How to Drawing Wolverine

  19. Color the drawing.

    You’re almost done drawing, so grab your favorite lining supplies and color Wolverine’s classic yellow-blue colors.How to Draw Simple Wolverine

  20. Add shadows.

    To make the drawing in the end more detailed and realistic, you need to add shadows to the drawing.Wolverine Draw

By the way, Logan did not immediately receive his skeleton from iron, because he was a project of experiments. And it was in these experiments that this metal impenetrable skeleton was built into his body, with which he became even more invulnerable.

Heightened senses:

Logan possesses superhuman heightened senses, comparable to those of animals. He can see much greater distances than an ordinary person. Also, his vision remains clear even in complete darkness. A keen sense of smell and hearing helps Wolverine recognize hidden objects. Even a person’s lie, Logan immediately recognizes, thanks to his abilities. After all, when a person lies, certain chemical elements are released from him, which immediately become noticeable to the scent of Wolverine.


With the help of his innate abilities and metal in his skeleton, Logan has a powerful force that helps him to break steel chains, lift about 400-600 kg over his head and produce blows weighing two tons. The skeleton also provides additional flexibility and the ability to support heavyweight. With the help of speed, Wolverine has an increased speed of reaction and mobility, which sometimes allows him to run faster than humans can track with their eyes.

Body stability:

The character’s body has increased stability, which helps him to survive in difficult conditions. He was often naked and without protection in super cold conditions or in the heat, and it did not harm him.

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