How to Draw Chibi Hulk

Learn how to draw chibi Hulk easy enough for beginners, start your sketch with this tutorial. A simple step-by-step Bruce Banner sketch guide.

How to Draw Chibi Hulk Easy
How to Draw Cartoon Hulk Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you can learn how to draw a chibi Hulk. Hulk is a very popular character from the Marvel Comics, as well as one of the main members of the Avengers team from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this step-by-step instruction, we are not showing you a drawing of the classic Hulk, but a Chibi-style character. You can also try to sketch chibi Doctor Strange and chibi Captain America.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw Chibi Hulk

  1. Sketch the outline of the head.

    Sketch the outline of the Hulk’s head and the guidelines for the face.Sketching Chibi

  2. Draw the contours of the eyes.

    Draw the shapes of both of the Hulk’s eyes. You can make the outlines with just two circles.How to Sketch Chibi Face

  3. Nose and mouth.

    Using the guidelines, sketch out the Hulk’s nose and mouth shape.Chibi Face Drawing Simple

  4. Draw the teeth.

    Draw the shape of the teeth in a cartoon style by simply drawing a horizontal line and a few vertical lines.Easy Chibi Drawing

  5. Draw the Hulk’s hair.

    On top of the outline, draw the disheveled hair of the Hulk.Baby Hulk Drawing

  6. Eyebrows and ears.

    Draw the furrowed eyebrows of the Hulk as well as his little chibi ears. Draw Hulk for Kids

  7. Erase the guidelines.

    Erase all unnecessary sketch guidelines. After erasing, check all the details of the drawing, and if you do not like something or mistakes have been made somewhere, then correct them.Angry Hulk Drawing

  8. Draw the pupils.

    Draw the pupils of the Hulk’s eyes and also paint over his eyebrows.Hulk Face Drawing

  9. Draw the top of the torso.

    The head has already been sketched, so now we need to move on to drawing the Hulk’s body, and first, start by drawing the Hulk’s shoulders and pumped-up chest.Incredible Hulk Drawing

  10. Draw the Hulk’s fist.

    Draw the entire arm of the Hulk, as well as his clenched, powerful fist.How to Draw Hulk for Kids

  11. Second Hulk’s hand.

    Draw the second arm of the Hulk. Easy Draw Hulk

  12. Draw the waist.

    Draw the lines for the Hulk’s waist as well as his abs.Chibi Hulk How to Draw

  13. Draw the shorts.

    Draw the Hulk’s shorts, although it’s hard to call the Hulk’s pants shorts because they are Bruce Banner’s pants that rip when he gets angry and becomes a green monster.Chibi Hulk

  14. Draw the feet.

    Now sketch out the legs of the Hulk, and his feet, along with the toes.How to Draw Chibi Hulk

  15. Color the chibi Hulk.

    Color the Hulk with coloring supplies. Of course, you need to paint the Hulk green, but the gray Hulk has also been in the comics, so you can draw two Hulks at once by painting one in classic green and the other in gray. Color the Hulk’s pants in the original purple colors that are typical for this character.Chibi Hulk Drawing Cartoon

In conclusion of our Chibi Hulk drawing lesson, we hope that this tutorial helped you not only create a fun and unique drawing, but also unleash your creativity.

Recall that not only the result is important, but also the process, so we hope that this lesson has become not only useful for you, but also an exciting pastime.

And remember, like the Chibi Hulk, each of us can be the hero of our own story. Do not be afraid to show your talents and creativity, and continue to be inspired by our drawing lessons!

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