How to Draw Chibi Doctor Strange

Learn how to draw Chibi Doctor Strange easy enough for beginners, start a draw with this tutorial. A simple step-by-step guide to help you draw a cute magician.

How to Draw Chibi Doctor Strange Easy
How to Draw Chibi Doctor Strange Step by Step

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw chibi Doctor Strange. Stephen Strange is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe, whose main abilities are magical arts and mysticism. While Iron Man or Spider-Man defend the vastness of cities, Doctor Strange protects humanity from threats that are sometimes not even visible to Tony Stark, Peter Parker, and the rest of the inhabitants of our land. These villains and magical powers can attack our planet Earth in the various multiverse, which is why Doctor Strange is such an important part of the Avengers team and an important protector of our universe.

Also, a master of the mystical arts is a very gifted surgeon, but as a result of the accident, he could not continue his medical activities. After this fateful incident, he turned to wise people for treatment and eventually got acquainted with those who considered him chosen to act as the defender of the earth from mystical threats. In addition to his magical skills, Stephen Strange has a levitation cloak that you can see on his back.

So, let’s move on to our drawing lesson. In this tutorial, we created an instruction in which we depicted a cute chibi character that is not difficult to draw. Try to follow each step, observing the examples that are shown, and you will be able to portray a master of the mystical arts.

Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to Draw Chibi Doctor Strange

  1. Draw the shape of the head.

    You need to start by sketching the basic shape of the head, try to repeat the contour we showed in the first step.How to Sketch Easy Doctor Strange

  2. Draw the hair.

    On top of the sketch of the head, draw hair, which is combed exactly like in the movie about Doctor Strange. And also don’t forget to sketch the ear.Chibi Hair Drawing Easy

  3. Draw the eyebrows.

    Now you need to draw Strange’s eyebrows, and also erase the guidelines of the head that are under the hair.How to Sketch Chibi Doctor Strange

  4. Draw the shape of the chibi eyes.

    Under the eyebrows, draw the shape of the eyes, which are typical for all chibi characters.Chibi Face Drawing Tutorial Easy

  5. Draw the pupil.

    Now you need to depict the pupils. And also when you draw the black part of the pupil, do not forget to leave around the white outline, which is the sparkle in the eyes in the drawing.Chibi Eyes Drawing Tutorial Easy

  6. Draw the eyelashes.

    Draw cute cartoon eyelashes near Steven’s eyes. This detail adds a cute touch to any sketch.How to Draw Chibi Marvel

  7. Draw the goatee beard.

    Strange always has a small beard, which is an irreplaceable part of his image. Our beloved Tony Stark has exactly the same beard!How to Draw Doctor Strange Face

  8. Details of the face.

    We are almost done sketching the face, and in this step, you need to draw the small chibi nose, as well as Strange’s mouth and the lines of his ear.How to Draw Dr Strange for Kids

  9. Draw the collar of the cloak.

    Now we need to draw the upper part of Strange’s suit, and we will start this sketching with the collar, which Strange always has large and sticking up.Doctor Strange Chibi Drawing Tutorial

  10. Draw the shape of the cloak.

    Following the example, draw the bottom of the cloak, which wriggles in the wind.Easy Drawing Doctor Strange

  11. Draw Stephen’s arms.

    Draw Strange’s crossed arms. How to Draw Doctor Strange Easy

  12. Draw the torso.

    Draw Strange’s torso, as well as all the details of the suit and his belt.Doctor Strange How to Draw

  13. Draw the bottom of the suit.

    Draw the bottom part of the suit that covers Stephen’s hips and knees.How to Draw Cute Doctor Strange

  14. Draw the shoes.

    Draw Strange’s legs, and also his intertwined shoes.Cute Doctor Strange Drawing Tutorial

  15. Draw the cape.

    Draw the bottom of the cloak, which wriggles in the wind. And also erase the excess guidelines that are left from the previous steps, and add small details.How to Draw Chibi Dr Strange Step by Step

  16. Draw the details of the arms.

    Depict the lines that intertwine on Strange’s arms.How to Draw Chibi Dr Strange

  17. Color the Chibi Doctor Strange.

    The sketch is ready, so now all that remains is to color your drawing. Use paints, colored markers, or pencils. We painted Strange in the classic colors that were in the comics and movies where this character appeared. We painted the eyes green, which is very similar to the eye color of Agamotto from the Dr. Strange movie.How to Draw Chibi Doctor Strange

Thank you for using our lesson for drawing Doctor Strange! We wish you continued success in your creative journey! Don’t forget to share your creations with others and let them enjoy your talent!

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