How to Draw Chibi Hermione Granger

Learn how to draw Chibi Hermione Granger enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. A simple step-by-step cartoon-style guide.

How to Draw Chibi Hermione Granger
How to Draw Hermione Granger Step by Step

In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw Chibi Hermione Granger. This is a very easy sketch, which is made in a cartoon style, and both kids and beginners can draw it. In addition to Hermione, you can try to draw the chibi Harry Potter or the Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter universe.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Chibi Hermione Granger

  1. Sketch the outline of the head.

    Sketch out the outline of the character’s chibi head shape.Chibi Hermione how to Draw

  2. Eye contours.

    Now, following the guidelines, sketch out the outlines of the eyes in the chibi style of the character.Hermione Chibi Sketch

  3. Draw the eyelashes.

    Draw Hermione’s cartoon chibi eyelashes.Chibi Sketch Easy

  4. Depict the pupils.

    Draw Hermione’s large pupils in a chibi style.How to Sketch Chibi

  5. Mouth line.

    Draw a line for the cartoon mouth.Chibi Face Drawing Tutorial

  6. Draw the hair.

    Draw Hermione’s wavy hair.Chibi Drawing

  7. Chibi nose.

    Erase the guide lines of the face and draw Hermione’s little chibi nose.Hermione Granger Simple Drawing

  8. Draw the eyebrows.

    Draw her eyebrows under Hermione’s bangs.Simple Drawing Hermione Granger

  9. Draw a scarf.

    Draw Hermione’s Gryffindor scarf around her neck.Easy Draw Hermione Granger

  10. Draw the outline of the body.

    Draw the guidelines for Hermione’s robes.How to Drawing Hermione Granger

  11. Draw a robe.

    Detail the drawing of the robe now by drawing all the lines of the clothing.Hermione Granger Drawing from Harry Potter

  12. Draw the sleeves.

    Erase the guidelines of the robe, and after that sketch out the details of the robe and also draw the sleeves. In addition to the robe, draw the visible part of the sweater and skirt.Drawing Easy Hermione Granger

  13. Draw the hands.

    Sketch for Hermione’s hands, and also draw a part of the wizarding broomstick that Hermione is holding with her hand.How to Draw Easy Hermione Granger

  14. Draw the bottom of the broom.

    Draw the bottom of the broomstick.How to Sketch Hermione Granger

  15. Draw a broom handle.

    Draw the wooden handle of the wizarding broom.Hermione Granger How to Draw

  16. Chibi legs.

    Draw Hermione’s chibi style legs.Hermione Granger Drawing Tutorial

  17. Sketch tracing.

    Trace the sketch with marker, paint or ink.How to Draw Cartoon Hermione Granger

  18. Color the artwork.

    Now color your drawing with coloring supplies.How to Draw Hermione Granger

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