How to Draw the Golden Snitch

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw the Golden Snitch for Quidditch!

how to draw a golden snitch
How to Draw the Golden Snitch Step by Step

In this easy, easy, step-by-step instruction, you will learn how to draw the Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter. We’ve created this detailed step-by-step drawing semblance, so you can sketch the Snitch easily. The Snitch is a small ball from the Harry Potter universe. This small winged ball is used in the Quidditch game. By the rules of the game, if the catcher of one of the teams catches this match, then that team will win the match.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw the Golden Snitch

  1. Draw the circle shape.

    The first step is to draw an even circle in the shape of a ball. We advise you to learn how to draw circles by hand, but if it is very difficult for you, then use a compass, for example.Golden Snitch Sketch

  2. Sketch the lines of the wings.

    Now draw two curved lines to be sketched in the shape of the wings. Follow the example from step.Harry Potter Movie Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the outline of the wings.

    Draw the lower part of the wings, thereby giving the overall shape of the final look of the wings.The Golden Snitch Drawing Tutorial

  4. Details of the wings.

    Following the example, add another extra curved line to make the wings look nicer.How to Draw Easy Golden Snitch

  5. Draw the structure of the wings.

    Draw each feather of the wings to make your drawing more detailed and realistic.Golden Ball Drawing Snitch

  6. Erase the guidelines.

    Erase the guidelines of the wings that you no longer need.Golden Ball Harry Potter Drawing

  7. Patterns on the ball.

    There are some special beautiful patterns on the Golden Snitch, which you need to start sketching with lines in this step.Quidditch Snitch Drawing

  8. Add dimension to the patterns.

    Very easily, sketch the second symmetrical lines to the lines that you drew in the previous step. These actions will make the patterns more voluminous, just like they looked in the Harry Potter movie.How to Draw a Snitch

  9. Erase the excess.

    If there are extra lines left from the pencils, then erase them and check again if everything is correctly and clearly drawn by you.How to Draw Golden Snitch Easy

  10. Trace the outlines.

    Trace all the contours of the drawing with a marker, fountain pen, and ink, or a small brush with black paint. Before coloring, this is an important step so that the final artwork is clearer.Golden Snitch Harry Potter Drawing

  11. Color the Golden Snitch.

    Your sketch is ready, and now you can start coloring in your drawing of the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter.How to Draw the Golden Snitch

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