How to Draw Chibi Harry Potter

Learn how to draw Chibi Harry Potter easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. A simple step-by-step guide to help you draw a cute wizard.

How to Draw Chibi Harry Potter Easy
How to Draw Chibi Harry Potter Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw chibi Harry Potter. The wizardry world of Harry Potter is huge, but its main character is undoubtedly Harry himself, who joined popular culture after the release of books from J.K. Rowling.

Enjoy the process and draw other drawings that we have on!

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Chibi Harry Potter

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    Start drawing the little wizard from the outline of his head.Head Contour Drawing Easy

  2. Sketch the hair.

    On top of the head outline, draw Harry Potter’s tousled hair. The book said that Harry has very unruly and disheveled hair that constantly sticks out in different directions.Hairs Harry Potter Sketch

  3. Draw the glasses.

    Harry is always wearing glasses, and it is them that you need to draw at this stage of the sketching.Harry Potter Head Drawing Easy

  4. Mouth and nose.

    Draw Harry’s cute nose and mouth. This type of nose and mouth is very easy to draw because, in fact, they are just lines.Harry Potter Glasses Drawing

  5. Draw the outline of the eye.

    You need to draw the outline of the eye, which is drawn in the chibi style. Note that the eyelash is just drawn with a thick line.Harry Potter Head Drawing

  6. The contour of the second eye.

    Draw the outline of the second eye in the same way.Face Harry Potter Draw

  7. Draw the pupils.

    Draw the character’s large pupils. First, draw еру large outline with a thin line, after which draw the middle dark part of the pupil, and also do not forget to leave a white circle, which is the shine of the eye.Harry Potter Cute Face Drawing

  8. Draw the eyebrows.

    Draw two eyebrows above each of Harry’s eyes.Harry Potter Face Drawing

  9. Draw the top of the garment.

    Draw the tie, shirt collar, woolen vest top, and mantle hood.Anime Harry Potter Drawing Tutorial

  10. Draw the sleeve of the mantle.

    Draw the sleeve that is visually on the right in the sketch.Anime Harry Potter Drawing

  11. Draw the hand.

    Everything is clear here, you just need to draw Harry’s cute hand.How to Draw Harry Potter Anime

  12. Draw the second sleeve.

    Draw a sleeve that is horizontal.Drawing Easy Harry Potter

  13. Draw the hand.

    Draw the hand that looks like a fist.Harry Potter Drawing for beginners

  14. Draw the bottom of the mantle.

    Drawing Tutorial Harry Potter

  15. Draw the legs.

    To Draw Harry’s legs, respectively, you need to draw his pants.How to Draw Harry Potter Easy Drawing

  16. Draw the shoes.

    Draw Harry’s little shoes.How to Draw Harry Potter Easy

  17. Draw the magic wand.

    Draw Harry’s wand and erase the various guidelines that are leftover from the sketching process.How to Draw Harry Potter Character

  18. Trace the sketch.

    Trace the sketch with a black marker or ink fountain pen.How to Draw Cute Harry Potter

  19. Color your Harry Potter.

    It remains to color the drawing, and the artwork is finally ready. You can color in the colors you see in our guide, but you can also use any other colors for your mantle or clothing. Oh! We almost forgot to remind you that you need to draw Harry’s scar in the form of a lightning bolt, which is depicted on Harry Potter’s forehead!Drawing Chibi Harry Potter

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