How to Draw Iron Man

When you need to learn how to draw Iron Man easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this guide. Simple step-by-step tutorial to help you draw Tony Stark.

How to Draw Iron Man
How to Draw Iron Man Step by Step

We present a drawing guide in which you can learn how to draw Iron Man according to step-by-step instructions. Previously, you might have seen a lesson in drawing Spider-Man or other comic book characters from the Marvel or DC universes. Iron Man is one of the main and important characters in the MCU, which began with the first film about Tony Stark, who is a very smart billionaire and philanthropist, who one day decided that he had to help humanity. Iron Avenger, like Batman, does not have any superhuman abilities that could help him in battles with foreign guests, or with other super-powerful characters, but thanks to his ingenious mind, Tony Stark created an armored flying suit, with the help of which he became so strong and popular superhero.

In our step-by-step guide, we took as an example the classic look of the Tony Stark suit, as well as the classic color scheme that combines red and yellow colors. The whole lesson is quite detailed, and you can draw such a realistic character if you try very hard and carefully repeat all the details following the steps.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Iron Man

  1. Draw the shape of the head.

    Let’s start the guide with a sketch of the shape of the head, or more precisely, the shape of the helmet. You need to draw guidelines to help draw the head.Iron Man Easy Face Drawing

  2. Draw the lines of the body.

    The head shape is ready, so now we need to draw the basic guidelines for the body. You need to draw lines as well as where the joints are.How to Draw Iron Man for Beginners

  3. Draw the helmet.

    Draw the details of the helmet following the example from this step. You need to carefully and clearly repeat all the lines and details that are on the Iron Man helmet.Iron Man Face Drawing Tutorial

  4. Draw the neck.

    Draw the suit’s armored neck as well as the beginning of the shoulders.How to Draw Iron Man Helmet

  5. Draw the shoulders.

    Draw the lines for the shoulders of the suit. They should be large visually and very powerful in appearance.How to Sketch Iron Man Face

  6. Draw the chest.

    Draw the details of the chest part of the suit, as well as the round reactor, which is always in the chest of Tony Stark.Iron Man Sketch

  7. Suit armor details.

    Draw the details of the lower chest in the Iron Man suit. Try to repeat every detail to keep your sketch detailed.Sketching Iron man

  8. Suit biceps.

    Draw the lines for the reinforced biceps of the suit, as well as the oblique muscles on the suit.Drawing Iron Man

  9. Draw the torso.

    Draw to the end of the torso of the suit, as well as all the armor that is in the abdominal section in the Tony Stark suit.Iron Man Drawing

  10. Draw the arms.

    You need to draw the forearms. Consider all the proportions of the torso so that the arms look natural next to the to draw tony stark

  11. Armor details on the arms.

    Draw the lines that are shown in the example and are on the arms of the suit. These are primarily the places where the arms fold.Iron Man How to Drawing

  12. Draw the right arm.

    Draw the right hand, which is clenched into a fist.How to Drawing Iron Man

  13. Draw the left arm.

    Now draw Tony Stark’s left hand, unlike the right hand, it is not clenched into a fist. Here you need to draw the fingers of the hands.How to Draw Easy Iron Man

  14. Leg lines.

    Draw the lines for the top of the legs.Simple Drawing Iron Man

  15. Details.

    Draw the details of the upper legs, all the armor lines that are in the example.Iron Man How to Draw

  16. Draw the knees.

    Draw the connecting part of the legs as well as the armored knees.Iron Man Simple Drawing Tutorial

  17. Draw the bottom of the legs.

    Draw the lower legs in the calf area.Iron Man Easy Drawing Tutorial

  18. Draw the feet.

    Draw the armored feet of Iron Man, and try to do it in detail and as shown in the example.Iron Man Drawing Tutorial

  19. Trace the sketch.

    The pencil sketch is ready, now you need to trace the pencil sketch using a marker or ink. how to draw Iron Man Easy

  20. Color Iron Man.

    Your sketch is ready, now you can color your work. We showed the classic suit colors in the example, but you can use whatever you want. You can paint it gray, which just looks like a metallic color.Draw Iron Man How to Draw

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