How to Draw Batman’s Face

Learn how to draw Batman’s face enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. Below in this guide, you can see a step-by-step collage and instructions.

Draw Batman's Face
How to Draw Batman Face Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw Batman’s face step by step. Bats is a popular DC superhero who has appeared in countless comic books, cartoons, and films. We adore this superhero, and we are always happy to draw him, so we invite you to try drawing this great comic book character. In addition to Batman‘s face, you can also try to draw a realistic face of Bruce Wayne (from the movies) or Batman in full body.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Batman’s Face

  1. Head contour.

    Draw the head-shape outline following the example from step. Note that Batman’s head is slightly turned to the side.Batman Head Step 1

  2. Batman mask ear.

    Draw the first ear on the helmet. In our sketch, we drew the character’s rather long ears, but you can make the ear shorter, like in the Zack Snyder films or in the style of Frank Miller’s Batman. Batman's Face Step 2

  3. Add the second ear.

    Now draw the second ear on Bats’s head.Mask Batman head Drawing

  4. Guiding lines of the face.

    Draw the guidelines for the face in your artwork. These lines will make it easier for you to depict the details of the character’s face.Batman Mask How to Draw

  5. Draw the eyes.

    Draw Batman’s frowning eyes. To convey emotions in the sketch, you just need to exactly repeat the line of the upper part of the eye, which changes in people depending on the emotions.Sketching Batman

  6. Add the lines of the mask.

    Draw the open part of Batman’s mask, and also use thin lines to depict the volume of the nose on his mask.Easy Art Batman head

  7. Erase the extra lines from the face.

    Erase those guidelines that you drew on the character’s face.How to Sketch Batman Head

  8. Draw the lips.

    Draw Bruce Wayne’s lips, following the example from step.How to Sketch Batman Face

  9. Sketch out the details of the mask.

    Sketch the various wrinkles and details of the Batman’s mask.Easy Drawing Batman for Beginners

  10. Draw the jaw.

    Along with the guidelines, sketch Batman’s chin and jaw.Batman's Face Drawing Tutorial

  11. Draw the entire chin.

    Sketch out the chin of the character to the end. And also erase the guidelines of the mask at the top, and check the whole sketch, and if there are any mistakes, then correct everything.Easy How to Draw Batman's Face

  12. Draw the neck and shoulders.

    If you do not want to draw this part, then leave only the head of Batman. But in the lesson, we drew the head along with the upper body, as if it were a sculpted bust of the character.How to Draw Batman's Face Easy

  13. Trace the sketch outline.

    With a marker, ink, or a thin brush with black paint, trace all the contours of the sketch.How to Draw Batman's Head

  14. Color your Batman.

    It remains to color your drawing, and we can assume that your artwork is completed. You can color the mask in shadowy gray, black or dark blue.How to Draw Batman's Face

We also recommend that you look at many other categories, where you can find various step-by-step instructions for yourself. Constantly upgrade your skills, and constantly create various sketches of characters, plants, animals, and so on. All this will help you improve your sketching skills. We will help you with this!

Also, share your final artwork with your friends so that your friends can also get carried away with this gorgeous creative sketching process. And also you can share this simple step-by-step instruction with your friends on your social networks! Thank you for being with us and learning to sketch with our howtodraweasy team!

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