How to Draw Bruce Wayne

Learn how to draw Bruce Wayne easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this guide. A simple step-by-step guide to help you draw Batman.

How to Draw Bruce Wayne Face
How to Draw Bruce Wayne Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw Bruce Wayne. There are many drawing lessons on the Internet that offer you to draw Batman and his face, but often in these drawings, his face does not even look like a realistic character. And also, despite the fact that you will draw a realistic Bruce Wayne with us, you will see that drawing people’s faces is not so difficult if you try.

In addition to the realistic Wayne, you can try to sketch Nick Fury or Tony Stark, and you can also draw various superheroes, step-by-step drawing tutorials which you can find on our

Time needed: 1 hour and 55 minutes

How to Draw Bruce Wayne

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    First, you need to sketch the shape of the person’s head. First, draw the lines, and after that draw, the shape of the head turned towards the side.Easy Face Sketching

  2. Draw the nose.

    Draw Bruce’s nose, which, along with the entire face of the character, is slightly turned to the side.Comics Face Sketch

  3. Draw the eye and brow.

    Draw Bruce’s eye first, using the guideline. After that draw an eyebrow focusing on the proportions of the eye.Batman Face Sketch

  4. Draw the second eye.

    Now draw Bruce’s second eye and brow, following the example from step.Batman Drawing Face Bruce Wayne

  5. Draw the lips.

    Draw Bruce’s lips using the guidelines. We erased the guidelines in this step so that you can see in more detail how to draw the lips.Batman Face Drawing

  6. Draw the ear.

    Draw Bruce’s ear. The ear is not difficult to draw if you carefully consider the example and repeat all the lines in your sketch.Ben Affleck Drawing

  7. Draw Bruce Wayne’s hair.

    Wayne always has a beautiful hairstyle that is always beautifully styled. Draw following the example, or draw a slightly different hairstyle if you want to do a different hairstyle in the sketch.Drawing Easy Bruce Wayne

  8. Erase the extra lines.

    Erase any excess lines that remain from the base guidelines. After that, check the sketch to see if everything is drawn correctly.Batman Without Mask Drawing

  9. Wrinkles and details.

    Add various lines and wrinkles to the sketch to make your art more realistic. If you want to make a drawing without such details, then leave the sketch without them.Bruce Wayne Drawing

  10. Trace the sketch.

    To make the drawing clearer in the end, you need to trace the contours with a marker or ink. You can also do this with paint and a thin brush. But it is advisable to do this if you will paint the entire sketch with paints.

  11. Color the sketch.

    Color the artwork, but before coloring, you can trace the outline of the sketch using a black marker or fountain pen and ink. We hope we helped you, and you were able to draw Bruce Wayne’s serious face.How to Draw Bruce Wayne Easy


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