How to Draw an Audi A3

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw an Audi A3 in a step by step guide! Upgrade your skill with!

how to draw an audi a3
how to draw audi a3 step by step

A large number of kids and adults have always dreamed of learning how to draw cars, so you have a great chance to learn how to draw them using our guides! Now you are on the page on how to draw an Audi A3, this is a compact family car preferred by people who love cool cars, but the size of the car is important to them. Cars of this class are most loved in European countries. What do you think is the reason? Maybe it’s because of the narrow European streets, which will be difficult to drive in a big car? Think about it while you draw the Audi A3 with this wonderful sketching lesson!

For this tutorial, we used an example of a variant that is presented in a three-door style, a hatchback variation. There is also a five-door hatchback and a four-door sedan. Which Audi A3 model would you choose for yourself?

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw an Audi A3

  1. Draw the body of the Audi.

    The first step is to start with the overall design of the machine. This is a line stroke that you will later overlay doors, wheels, windows, and so on in order.A3 Audi Sketching

  2. Draw the details of the body.

    Draw the line of the headlights, the lines of the windows, and the image of the wheels. Do not draw the disks yet, we will draw them in order a little hatchback drawing

  3. Draw the radiator and the rest.

    Have you painted? Now draw the rest of the details that are shown in the corresponding step in the example. Try to make the lines of the wheels even, the wheels should be clearly outlined and understandable.hatchback car drawing

  4. Draw the Audi A3 rims.

    The important moment of the picture has come – Audi A3 rims. They are probably the most difficult to sketch, so we recommend repeating the lines from the example very carefully and a3 hatchback drawing easy

  5. Body parts.

    Draw the place under the license plate, then draw the details of the side of the Audi – a handle and a line that will give the drawing a more designer and realistic a3 design sketch

  6. Detailing the sketch.

    Let’s detail the drawing! Draw lines in the headlights, which will also give the design a more natural look. Also, do not forget to finish the bumper a3 hatchback drawing simple

  7. Paint or shade.

    So, the pencil drawing is complete. We recommend using a black marker or a fountain pen and ink to trace the contours of the drawing. This will give the drawing more definition before coloring. You can also add shadows following the example from the last step. You can color the drawing, or you can just shade the sketch. These will be the shadows on the to draw audi a3 hatchback

If you managed to illustrate the Audi A3 hatchback that we have prepared for you, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself and try the Audi A1 guide, which is also cool and suitable for everyone who wants to pump their skills.

In order to pump your skill absolutely cool, try to use your time to the fullest! Never give up and achieve your drawing goals. Try to portray more objects and things that surround you in everyday life. Thank you for being with us! We are waiting for you again, sincerely, team!

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