How to Draw an Audi A1

Learn how to draw an Audi A1 in a step-by-step tutorial that will satisfy any artist. An easy guide from beginners to experienced artists.

how to draw audi a1 for beginners
how to draw audi a1 step by step

Welcome to the lesson on how to draw an Audi A1! We tried to create a very clear and beautiful guide for everyone who was looking for an Audi A1 drawing lesson on the Internet. We divided the entire lesson into eight steps, each of which is very clear visually.

The Audi A1 may not be the most popular model in this big German company’s entire lineup, but it’s a beautiful, compact, and very comfortable car for the city. If you need a car that is convenient to park, drive through narrow city streets, then this is the perfect option for you.

If you are not going to drive a car yet, then try to draw it according to this instruction, which we have created. Do not forget to also share with your friends the summary of your work, as well as this guide. Then compare your drawings and choose the winner who drew this car better!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw an Audi A1

  1. Depict the shape of Audi A1.

    Draw the outline of the car.
    Start by drawing the outline of the car body, on which you will overlay the rest of the lines and add details of the Audi a1 easy drawing

  2. Draw body details.

    Now draw the first body parts of the Audi, first of all, draw the windows, headlights, and wheel circles. And then add the rest of the lines shown in the car drawing

  3. Door lines.

    The Audi A1 obviously has doors, it’s time to draw the lines of the doors. It’s pretty simple, you need to start with lines. Also, don’t forget to draw the rest of the details from the step. Mirrors and wheel to draw a car easy

  4. Bumper details.

    Draw the outline of the radiator grille, the outline of the Audi A1 rims, and other details shown in the example in this step. Also, draw the circular outlines of the rims within the circle of the wheel.Car sketching tutorial

  5. Draw the door handles.

    Draw the Audi handles on the two doors, then draw a rectangle for the car’s license design drawing

  6. Draw the details of the front of the car.

    The lines of the radiator grille, draw the inner shapes of the headlights and the rest of the details of the front of the to design a car

  7. Audi A1 rims.

    The step of drawing Audi disks has come, in this step try to accurately and correctly depict the rims of the car. Also, sketch out the lines of the car body to make the drawing more natural.Audi-design-drawing

  8. The last step of the Audi A1. Shadows.

    Congratulations! You are in the last step of drawing the Audi A1. You just have to draw the shadows of the car or paint the car. Use colored pencils, colored markers, or felt-tip pens for coloring. Use whatever color you like to draw audi for beginners

We are glad that you were with us and learned to draw Audi A1 according to our guide! If you like, try drawing an Alfa Romeo Sports Car. We are waiting for you in our drawing lessons!

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