How to Draw a Sports Car Easy

How to draw a sports car easy and step by step in our drawing guide! This tutorial is suitable even for beginners who hold a pencil for the first time.

how to draw a sports car easy for beginners
how to draw a sports car easy step by step

Hello car lovers and car paint lovers! In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a sports car easy. As an example for the lesson in drawing a sports car, we took the Alfa Romeo 4C model.

There are many lessons on sketching cars on the Internet, but many of them are not suitable for beginners. We have created a great simple guide for beginners and childrens who want to quickly learn how to draw a car.

This Alfa Romeo is a compact sports coupe. This car is made much lighter by manufacturers than many other similar cars because the car’s monocoque is made of carbon. Alfa Romeo 4c engine power 240 horsepower.

This lesson will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced artists who want to draw cars, but do not know what steps to apply for such a drawing.

Drawing & Painting supplies:

  • Pencil;
  • Black marker;
  • Colored marker, crayon, or felt-tip pens, colored pencils;
  • Drawing paper (device, art apps).

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Sports Car Easy

  1. Draw the car outline structure.

    Start by drawing the general structure of the car. This design will allow you to make the next steps more correct and precise.sports car drawing easy

  2. Details of the Alfa Romeo.

    In the second step, draw the details of the car. Illustrate the line of the windows, the line of the car headlights, and the shape of the wheels.alfa romeo drawing

  3. Body side parts.

    Draw the lines of the car door, rearview mirrors, and the rest of the car wheels.super car easy drawing

  4. Front of the car.

    Draw the lines for the front of the autocar that we showed in this drawing step. Also, draw the round parts on the wheels.sports car drawing for beginners

  5. Next details.

    Depict a rectangular location for the car’s license plate, the Alfa Romeo bumper parts, and depict the car’s radiator that is in to draw simple sports car

  6. Draw the details of the headlights.

    Illustrate the details in the headlights of the car, also draw the rest of the autocar parts shown in the example in this to draw a super car easy

  7. Draw the rims.

    Now the stage of drawing sports car rims has come. Try to repeat the lines exactly as shown in the example. And draw lines that will add a more realistic look to the to draw Alfa Romeo

  8. Add shadows to the drawing.

    The final step in drawing the Alfa Romeo sports car has come. If you want, you can color the drawing in the color you like best. If you don’t want to paint, then just add shadows as in the example from the to draw a sports car easy

To improve your skills, you need to practice more! Try our other guides through the categories on our website. We really hope to help you develop your skills.

We also strongly advise you to constantly draw everything that surrounds you in everyday life, absolutely everything you can draw and this will improve your skills.

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