How to Draw an Anime Boy for Kids

Learn how to draw an anime boy for kids step by step with this simple drawing tutorial for beginner artists.

How to Draw an Anime Boy for Kids
How to Draw an Anime Boy Step by Step

Hello everyone, friends! In this guide, you will learn how to draw an anime boy for kids in a chibi style. The cartoon anime style has become quite popular all over the world in recent years. Series, cartoons, comics, and even paintings are created in this style. Anime has become a real art movement that originated in Japan. In this tutorial, you will learn how to sketch in this amazing style. As an example, we will draw a boy in a few steps, and you can also try to sketch a chibi girl.

The task is actually not an easy one, because drawing characters is always more difficult than, for example, a spoon, but if you strictly follow the steps from the instructions, everything will definitely work out! Enjoy drawing and develop your sketching skills with the guides from our website!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw an Anime Boy for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the head, which should be rounded at the top and the jaw should be slightly pointed.Anime Drawing for Beginners

  2. Add details.

    Now draw the boy’s hair, and add ears on both sides of the head.Chibi Boy Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the face.

    Now you need to draw parts of the cartoon boy’s face, and you can start with the eyes and finish with a curved smile line.How to Draw a Chibi Anime Head

  4. Basic body shape.

    Let’s move on to drawing the character’s body. Step down slightly from the head and draw a straight line as in the example. After that, draw two curved, parallel lines along the sides, and eventually connect them at the bottom with a straight line.Chibi Anime Boy Drawing

  5. Add the arms.

    Add chibi arm shapes on both sides of the body.Chibi Boy Drawing Tutorial

  6. Sleeves and neck.

    Draw straight lines for the sleeves of the T-shirt. And also connect the head and body by drawing the character’s neck.How to Draw an Easy Anime Boy

  7. Draw the pants.

    Divide the shirts and pants with a straight line, then divide the legs in two and add details as in the example.Anime Boy Drawing Tutorial

  8. Add shoes.

    Now draw the last detail of the character, namely the two circular boots of the character.How to Draw an Anime Chibi Boy

  9. Color the chibi.

    Color your cute drawing using coloring tools like crayons or crayons.
    How to Draw an Anime Boy Easy

Your drawing of anime boys is ready! Now you can start drawing other drawings. Enjoy the process of drawing and practice more often.

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