How to Draw a Pig for Kids

In this step by step drawing lesson for kids, you will learn how to draw a pig. You can draw a pig in just 7 steps!

How to Draw a Pig for Kids
How to Draw a Pig for Kids Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this drawing lesson, we will teach you how to draw a pig for kids step by step. On our site, there is already a pig drawing lesson, but in a more complex version. After you draw a light pig, you can move on to more complex work.

Let’s get to know our character a little. Such a pink and cute creature is familiar to absolutely everyone. Usually, pigs can be found on farms. And you can often see how pigs get along well with chickens. They have a rather interesting appearance: a large round penny, small eyes and a rounded tail. Pigs make rather unusual intermittent sounds, which are called grunts. Pigs are very smart and clean animals, and if they are lying in a puddle, it is only because there is no other suitable reservoir nearby to wash.

Basically, the pig has a rounded body shape and there are quite a few additional elements in the external appearance. Everyone can draw a pig. Step-by-step instructions will help you not to get confused and make this drawing as high quality as possible. It is best to work on a drawing with a pencil. And after that, when the sketch is ready, you can color in the pig’s drawing with bright pencils or felt-tip pens.

Thanks to our tutorials, you will accurately draw a pig with a pencil step by step. Our lessons are simple so they are suitable for beginners. All you need is paper and a pencil.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Pig for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the pig’s head.

    Start by drawing the large circle for the pig’s head.
    Drawing a Simple Big

  2. Draw the ears.

    Draw two ears on top of the pig’s head. Ears should be made opposite each other with sharp ends.
    Drawing pig for kids

  3. Draw the nose.

    Draw the large oval in the middle of the head to indicate the large penny of the pig.
    How to draw a pig's head

  4. Draw additional elements on the head.

    On the penny itself, mark the nostrils; for this, draw two small dots. Below, draw the small line for the pig’s mouth. Don’t forget to draw two small circles for the eyes.
    Pig Drawing Tutorial

  5. Draw the torso.

    Draw the large oval straight from the head of the pig to represent the body. Depict the small curl on the back of the body for the pig’s tail.
    Sketching Pig

  6. Draw four legs.

    At the bottom, draw the four small legs of the pig. The end of each foot should be slightly sharpened to indicate the hooves characteristic of pigs.
    Drawing Pig Easy

  7. Color in the drawing of the pig.

    The characteristic color for pigs is a pale pink color. The hooves, ears, and nose will be darker pink.
    Cartoon Pig

That’s it! The drawing of the pink pig is ready! We hope this tutorial was useful and interesting for you. Keep developing your skills and learn to draw more and more shapes and elements based on our instructions. Check out our other instructions for kids as well and draw other things. Enjoy your drawings!

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