How to Draw a Hen

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a hen. This is a drawing guide for beginners and kids.

Hen Drawing Tutorial
How to Draw a Hen Step by Step

In this guide, we will analyze a simple option for how to draw a hen, which all novice artists will master. The hen drawing is quite simple to perform since there are many variations of this drawing – from the most complex to the easiest.

It only takes six easy steps to get a beautiful chicken drawing. In this guide, young artists will learn how to make more complex lines and develop their spatial thinking. For full concentration, we advise you to follow all the steps in the instructions below.

Enjoy your drawing, friends!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Hen

  1. Draw the outline of the body and head of the chicken.

    At this stage, the main thing is to pay attention to the back of the animal, the lines should be wavy, but not sharp.Hen Sketch Tutorial

  2. Draw the outline of the eyes and wings;

    The contour of the wings consists of three elements, they must be proportional to the whole body. The eye can be distinguished with just one point.Drawing Hen Simple

  3. Draw the chicken’s beak, scallop, and leg outline;

    The scallop consists of four divisions that do not overlap. The outline of the left leg should be the same as the right leg.Cartoon Hen Easy Drawing

  4. Draw the chicken legs;

    They will stand on two sides. It is desirable to make them symmetrical.Cartoon Hen Chicken

  5. Tracing.

    Remove unnecessary contours and select the entire picture with a darker color. You need to trace the drawing with a black marker or ink. Easy Hen Drawing

  6. Color the chicken drawing.

    If you want a classic version, then choose our coloring. Otherwise, color as you like. That is, you can experiment with colors and color the finished hen sketch in the color that you like best.How to Draw a Hen Easy

Few facts about this common bird:

The rooster is the national bird in France and Kenya, hens are birds, but unlike most other birds, they cannot fly, hens are most often depicted on various coins around the world.

Also on, you will find many other birds that you can draw and learn to draw! We are waiting for you again!

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