How to Draw a Mustache for Kids

Are you new to drawing and want to draw a mustache? It’s easy with this mustache drawing tutorial for kids, because our lessons are easy even for those who hold drawing tools for the first time.

How to Draw a Mustache for Kids
How to Draw a Mustache Step by Step

Hello! Here we will tell you in detail and show how to draw a mustache for kids. This purely masculine attribute has always given men a stern and wise look. Mustaches help to make expressive features of the face, and in many barber shops they know about this, and often they make a mustache of this style.

In different epochs of civilization, mustaches were either fashionable or unpopular. In the Middle Ages, the knights of England wore armor, the designs of which provided for holes for the mustache. Some historians believe that the ardent revolutionary Oliver Cromwell started the revolution out of envy of the royal mustache. In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, mustaches were also a popular attribute among kings and warriors. In recent years, the mustache and beard trend has regained popularity and has become an important style piece for many people.

Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, you will decide for yourself how to draw a mustache easily and effortlessly! You can draw such a mustache simply separately, or for the character you are drawing. Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Mustache for Kids

  1. Draw the left mustache shape.

    Begin by drawing the left mustache. First draw the top line, and then draw the bottom line from the pointed part and connect in the rounded part.Mustache Drawing Tutorial

  2. Draw the second mustache.

    It would be incredibly funny if people only wore one half mustache. The human face has symmetry: two eyes, ears, two eyebrows. Repeat the same steps for the right side, repeating all the steps in a mirror image. You managed to draw a lush mustache that any man of the early 20th century would envy.How to Draw a Simple Mustache

  3. Add the texture.

    Detail the mustache by adding an extra line that creates a more realistic look.How to Draw a Mustache Easy

  4. Second mustache.

    Do the same work with the second mustache.How to Draw an Easy Mustache

  5. Completion of the sketch.

    Finish off the mustache sketch by adding the lower mustache to draw a realistic mustache

  6. Color the artwork.

    Mustache can be of different colors, for example, red, black, brown, or gray. Use paints, crayons, or markers. In the example, we painted the mustache brown, which perfectly highlights the lines of the drawing, and if you want, you can color it in any other color you want.How to Draw a Mustache

Your mustache drawing is ready! You can draw better if you practice drawing. We have created more than five hundred drawing lessons for you on our website, and you can find various lessons for yourself.

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