How to Draw a Knight

Learn how to draw a medieval knight using our drawing tutorial! We will show you in a few steps how to create a great drawing.

How to Draw a Knight Tutorial
How to Draw a Knight Step by Step

In this simple step-by-step instruction, you can learn how to draw a knight in armor. This is the most harmonious sketching of a knight that you can find on the Internet because usually, drawings of knights are either very complex or not quite detailed. You don’t need a lot of skill to sketch this knight, just look at an example and follow each step carefully.

Knights are generally associated with the Middle Ages, fighting in their iron armor to defend the honor of their king. The armor of knights was different and forged by blacksmiths armor and swords individually for different knights. Often, the more experienced and popular a knight is, the more unusual armor he has. Knights and their images are so popular that they are often used in fantasy, in various books, films, and games. Along with magicians, orcs, elves, and other creatures in the games, there are also knights who represented humanity in various battles between all.

Some interesting facts about knights: Knights did not always prefer hand-to-hand combat; the story tells of many knights who liked to use a bow rather than a sword. Tournaments, which are so popular in the history of knights, appeared in France and Germany, and then by this method of court through a duel on the battlefield they ended up in other medieval states of Europe. Although chivalry is a noble business, one should not forget that most of the knights in their youth were knights’ assistants and their squires. Thus, the young assistants of the knights acquired skills that were useful to them for future chivalry. The knights went on campaigns and battles together with several squires, and they also took spare horses with them. By the way, the armor of knights was made to order from noble blacksmiths, and they were very expensive because this is a long and painstaking work that was performed individually for each knight. It is for this reason that in the Middle Ages, blacksmiths were valued among the nobility.

The main attributes of a knight are his armor, sword, shield, and horse. In our drawing guide, we used the image of a knight in a static position so that you can depict his helmet and the rest of his armor in the most detail.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Knight

  1. Draw the outline of the helmet.

    First sketch out the outline in the shape of the knight’s helmet, but this step is needed to understand what shape the knight’s helmet will be in the final form.Sketch Knight

  2. Draw the details of the helmet.

    Draw the slits of the helmet for the eyes, as well as the part of the helmet that rises so the knight can reveal his face.How to Draw Easy Knight helmet

  3. Draw the slits in the helmet.

    On the bottom of the helmet, draw rectangular slots, through which the knight breathes and speaks through the mask.How to Sketch Knight Helmet

  4. Draw the plume of the helmet.

    Draw the plume, which was often found on the comb of helmets in the medieval period and in antiquity.Knight Helmet Drawing

  5. The upper part of the armor.

    The shoulders, neck, lungs, and heart of a knight must be very well protected by armor. These pieces of armor you need to draw next, following the example from this step.How to Draw a Medieval Knight

  6. Arms and torso.

    Draw the lines of the knight’s arms, as well as the armor of his torso.Knight Medieval Drawing

  7. Draw the details of the armor.

    The armor of knights is often patchy and consists of various metal plates and armor parts, detail the drawing by sketching different parts of the armor.Knight Drawing Step by Step

  8. Draw the gloves.

    Sketch the knight’s gloves, depict each finger following the example from step.How to Sketch a Knight

  9. Detailing of gloves.

    Make the knight’s metal gloves more realistic and detailed by sketching various lines.Knight Armor Drawing

  10. Draw the shield.

    Draw the long shield under the knight’s right hand that rests on the ground.How to Draw Knight

  11. Sketch the sword.

    In the other hand of the knight, sketch his two-handed sword.Knight Drawing Tutorial Easy

  12. Draw the plates of the armor.

    Draw the knight’s plate armor that protects the knight’s waist and hips. And also draw the leg of the knight.Knight Drawing Tutorial

  13. Leg details and sabaton.

    Draw the armor plates on the legs, the hauberk texture, and the knight’s metal shoe called the sabaton. Do not forget that you can draw any symbol you like on the knight’s shield. In our example, we just depicted three stripes.Knight Drawing

  14. Trace the sketch outlines.

    You can trace a pencil sketch with a marker or a fountain pen with ink. This will make the final look of the drawing clearer and more beautiful.How to Draw a Knight Easy

  15. Color the knight artwork.

    Color the final artwork of the knight. You can paint the armor in the same color as in the example, or simply in gray, which is similar to the color of the metal. The rest of the knight’s costume and his shield can also be painted in the colors you prefer.How to Draw a Knight

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