How to Draw a King for Kids

With our easy-to-follow guide, beginners can learn how to create their own majestic monarch. Learn how to draw a king, easy for kids.

How to Draw a King Step by Step

In this simple instruction, you will learn how to draw a king for kids. The king is the main personality of the kingdom in which the monarchy is established as a form of government. The title of king is usually inherited, and this order has been established in different states since ancient times. The wife of the king is called the queen, and the daughters and sons are called princes and princesses. The king wears a special royal mantle and crown.

We have depicted the king in a typical cartoon image. Anyone with a different level of sketching skills can draw a king in this way.

Below is a step-by-step lesson to follow when sketching a king.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a King for Kids

  1. Head contour.

    Sketch the shape of the king’s head as shown.Medieval King Sketch

  2. Draw the crown on the head.

    Draw the crown above the king’s head with pointed tops.How to Draw a Royal Crown

  3. Add eyes and eyebrows.

    Draw small eyebrow shapes above the eyes.How to Draw a Head with a Crown

  4. Draw the hair.

    On each side of the head, draw small semicircular shapes as shown in the instructions.How to Draw a King Simple

  5. Add parts of the face.

    Between the eyes, draw the king’s nose with a single curved line. After that, depict the king’s smile and his beard.How to Draw a King Face

  6. Start drawing the clothes of the king.

    Start to draw the royal mantle of the king, and we need to start by sketching the fur collar and the bottom of the mantle, which also consists of fur.How to Draw a King Easy for Kids

  7. Decorate the mantle.

    Draw patterns in the form of small crowns on the fur parts of the royal mantle.How to Draw a King for Beginners

  8. Connect the parts of the drawing.

    Now connect the two parts of the sketch using straight lines.King Drawing Step by Step

  9. Draw the arms of the king.

    Now draw the sleeves of the king’s robe and also depict the arms.How to Draw a King Easy

  10. Color the king.

    Color the king’s artwork in the desired colors using your favorite coloring supplies.How to Draw a King

Done, your king is drawn! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and were able to learn something new while drawing.

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