How to Draw a Lollipop

Learn how to draw a lollipop in eight easy steps in this step by step drawing tutorial.


Hello sweet-tooth and art lovers! In this easy drawing guide, we will show you how to draw a lollipop. If you are very fond of drawing candies and sweets, then try drawing candies and a candy cane after the lollipop.

In general, in order to depict a lollipop, you do not need a lot of skills, visually it is a circle that is located above the stick. And the lollipop itself is twisted in a spiral shape.

Our team strongly discourages overeating sweets, this can negatively affect your body. Especially teeth are very badly damaged by overeating sweet foods, which are high in sugar.

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Lollipop

  1. Draw a line.

    First, let’s start by drawing a lollipop stick. In the first step, draw a vertical, straight line. Choose the length of the line yourself depending on the paper size.candy-drawing

  2. Draw a second line.

    Now draw a second line that is parallel to the second line. Together, these lines visually form a lollipop stick.candy-stick-drawing

  3. Draw a semicircle.

    So, now we need to draw a semicircle of the lollipop.candy-lollipop-drawing

  4. Draw the other half of the lollipop.

    In this step, we showed how to draw the second piece of candy. Repeat the first semicircle symmetrically.candy-easy-drawing

  5. Draw a spiral.

    Draw a spiral pattern inside the lollipop. This is the classic candy look that many people are used to.lollipop-draw-easy

  6. Finish your pencil sketching.

    Erase the extra pencil lines, compare your drawing and the example from the picture and start tracing the

  7. Tracing.

    Trace the sketch with marker or ink. lollipop-coloring-pages-drawing

  8. Color the drawing.

    If you finished drawing everything and are satisfied with the result, then now use your coloring supplies and color your

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