How to Draw a Candy

Here you will learn how to draw a candy. A simple detailed tutorial for all beginners who want to draw candies and sweets.


Hello, sweet lovers and everyone who wants to learn how to draw candy! Sweets, candies, ice cream have always been liked by everyone, but many of us have not thought about the fact that sweets can also be drawn. Draw very fast with this guide that everyone will understand!

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw Candy

  1. Draw the shape of the candy.

    First, you need to draw an oval candy shape. Visually, it looks like a lemon.candy-drawing

  2. Details of candy wrapper.

    Draw the wrinkle of the candy wrapper. An example is shown in blue in a

  3. Draw a candy wrapper.

    Let’s move on to drawing the ears of the candy wrapper. Start with the one you want.draw-a-candy-bar

  4. Trace your drawing

    Trace your drawing with a fountain pen or black marker.sweet-candy-drawing

  5. Color in.

    The last step is to color in the drawing. You don’t have to paint it red. You can use blue, yellow, green, mint, or whatever color you

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