How to Draw a Lion Easy

In this really easy drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a lion, easy even for beginners. A roaring lion is simple to draw because you only need 10 easy-to-follow steps!

Lion Drawing for Beginners
How to Draw a Lion Easy Step by Step

Today we will learn how to draw a lion, easy enough even for beginners. Follow our easy step-by-step drawing guide to draw the basic details of the lion first with simple lines and shapes.

First we will start with the contours and elements of the lion’s head, then we will move on to drawing the body and limbs. This roaring lion looks funny and intimidating at the same time. If you want to draw also a static standing cartoon lion, then start drawing one immediately after this lesson on drawing a roaring lion.

Lions are the Kings of animals, because their image has been used since ancient times as a symbol of strength and nobility! Lions can produce a variety of sounds, one of which is the roar. The lion’s roar serves to define its territory and notify other lions of its presence. It sounds very loud and causes a real thrill inside the competitors!

If you enjoy drawing, you can try drawing lions in an even easier style for kids. Start with simple shapes and then add details. Don’t forget about the mane and other distinguishing features of these animals, which will make your drawing even more realistic!

Let’s get started!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Lion Easy

  1. Outline the face.

    Use the M shape to draw the top part, then extend the lines and form an elongated bottom of the face. Also, draw the nose as shown.Drawing Lion Head

  2. Add parts of the face.

    Now detail the lion’s face by adding the open roaring mouth and eyes.Simple Lion Drawing

  3. Add the mouth details.

    Draw the four sharp fangs of your lion, then draw the tongue using a curved line.How to Draw a Lion Face Easy

  4. Draw the lion’s mane.

    Using furry lines, outline the lion’s mane around the head.How to Draw a Lion Mane

  5. Add the lion’s ears.

    Use inverted U shapes to form the lion’s ears.Lion Head Drawing

  6. Draw the body.

    Extend from the right side of the mane, two curved lines to form the lion’s body. Then draw the leg to complete this step.How to Draw a Lion for Kids

  7. Draw the legs.

    Following the example from this step, draw the rest of your roaring lion’s legs.How to Draw a Lion for Beginners

  8. Add the details of the legs.

    To detail your lion’s toes, you’ll need to draw them using curved, short lines.Step by Step Easy Lion Drawing

  9. Depict the tail.

    Use two parallel folded lines to form the tail of the lion. The tip of the tail needs to be made similar to the brush.Easy Lion Drawing

  10. Color the lion.

    Finally, here is a colorized drawing of a lion. We used the sand color for the fur of the cartoon lion. Notice the darker color on the lion’s mane and brush of the tail.Lion Easy Drawing

Amazing! We hope you drew a great looking lion! Share this drawing guide and your artwork on the Pinterest board. We will also be happy if you send us the resulting drawing by mail through the Contact Us place!

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